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From: Nifty Author
Subject: Magical-Friends #1The following article is a work of pure fiction and silliness. Any
resemblance to real people or fictional characters is a happy accident. Any
similarity between these made-up kids and their actions, and the wonderful
characters created by J. K. Rowling is simply another coincidence. free virgins pedo
implication as to the sexuality of any fictional characters, or actors who
portray those characters, is intended._______________________It had been a female pedo sites long, satisfying day at Hogwarts toplists pedo for best pedo pics review
the first-year students. Quidditch
practice had gone well, Peeves seemed less pedos porn of a pedo illegal girl nuisance than usual, even Snape
was in somewhat less of a foul mood. The kids had gathered in the Common
Room to shoot free sex videos pedo the breeze for a short time, when they decided it was time to pack
it in for the day. They bade Hermione and the others good-night, and trundled up
the steps to the boys' chambers. It was a chilly night, so they all undressed quickly
and climbed hot teens pedo
into bed, drawing their curtains.Harry lay on his pedo hentai movie back and idly rubbed his crotch, letting his mind drift lazily
between reality and fantasy. He soon felt pedo young porno sexs his young penis lengthen and harden
under his touch. little pedo girlies Harry was just beginning to grow, and he could tell that it was
just a little longer that it had been last week. "About time," he thought pedo 10 yo pics pleasantly
and a little impatiently, "it's been the same 3 and a half inches forever." pedo best porn sites (Forever
meaning since last year when he first discovered how to masturbate while pent up
in that closet russian stories pedo under the Dursley's stairs.He hadn't been particularly aware of his
body or its dimensions bdsm pedo photo before then.) He forbidden petite pedo pics rubbed himself gently and slowly,
knowing that there was illegal photo pedo young no need to rush. He wouldn't be interrupted.In the next bed, Ron pedo pix xxx rolled over onto pictures illegal pedo images his stomach. His erection, nearly man-sized
by now, was pointing toward his navel, and pressing into the mattress. He began a
rhythmic undulation of his pelvis, producing a delightful sensation in his rigid
penis from the friction against the bed, coupled with the pleasurable contractions
of his abdominal muscles and those in his butt and thighs. The friction of his
humping action produced the slightest bit of sound, combined with a barely
audible creaking of the bed springs. Ron ignored undergroun pedo girls
the noise, believing it was too
quiet for pedo fuck free
anyone to detect; and anyway, as the intensity of his pleasure increased,
he became less and less aware of his surroundings.Harry, however, was well aware of what was going on behind kids pedo pics Ron's drawn
curtains. pedo 12yoass
He altered the speed of his own stroking to synchronize with the sound
of Ron's bodily motions. He filled his mind with a picture free xxx pedo stories of his friend in the
neighboring bed, imagining the waves of pleasure he knew his muscular friend
was experiencing. He could see kid pedofilia Ron on his stomach, his pillow drawn under his
chest, and his body going through the motions of simulated mafia sex ru pedo
intercourse.Ron loved this technique. He frequently used other, more common ways of
relieving his sexual tensions tgp video pedo of course, but this method was his favorite. It
provided an overall pleasure, unlike the more manual styles, because it involved
of all pedo movie links his muscles. He also believed that his masturbation sessions sex pedo incest could go
undetected when he did it like this, because it was so slow and so quiet.Little did he know that pedo land fuck
his pal in the next bed was acutely pedo gay illegal sex aware of his actions,
and was deriving his own deep satisfaction from that awareness. Harry listened pedo kiddy tgp porn
every clue, pedo fuck pics private
and allowed his mind to leave his own body and enter that of Ron's.
As Harry stimulated himself, he imagined the sensations Ron was producing, and
allowed himself to actually petite sexy pedo become pubescent pedo porn
Ron in his own mindThe strength of Ron's contractions increased as child rape pedo pictures the electric waves of pleasure
gradually escalated through his body. His breathing intensified, as kids sex pedo did the sounds
of friction on the bed; signaling to Harry that there were just a few seconds left
before the ultimate moment. Ron felt his toes clench, and sparks begin to ignite in
his balls, and fly to that secret place just inside his butt. He gripped the sides of
the pillow more tightly, pumped child lola pedo the mattress ever so firmly, breathed a little
harder, and let his conscious mind swirl away as wave after wave of ecstasy and
climactic pulsations completely took him over.As Harry heard Ron's tension build, he knew Ron's orgasm was 12yo pedofile pics
just beyond the
horizon and approaching rapidly. He slightly increased the pressure of his hand
upon his own penis. He didn't really have to change much, since his mind was
already doing all the work for him - imagining himself inside Ron's body - his
own sensations keeping pace with Ron's, until Harry's own body was also
engulfed by a flood of electric pleasure. He came simultaneously with his best
friend.Both pedo xxx pics
boys relaxed. Their dizziness subsided. free pedophile porn links Their breathing became deep vintage pedo and
less intense, pedo nature
their minds clearing. Ron had shot a load into forum pedo sex
pedofilia hot porn the sheets. He didn't
want to sleep in pedo kds teens nude the mess, so pedo foto kid child he reached under his pillow for his wand, and lifting
his body slightly, whispered "Immaculata." Harry grinned as he heard his pal clean
up, since he would russian pedo toplist certainly be using that same charm in the very near future. At
his age, illegal pedo list Harry was still not producing pedo little young
any seminal fluid, though he knew kds pedo the time
was not far off.Ron drifted into a comfortable sleep and soon was snoring ever so gently. Harry
very nearly did the same thing, when his sensitive ears picked up on another pedo shocking faint
sound. He could just barely detect Neville taking short, shallow pedo porn xxx
gasping breaths,
trying his best pedo best not to be heard. Neville was the shy one, the youngest and smallest
of the three.Neville was on his back pedo nude teen
behind his own curtains, and had silently pulled his body
up into a sort of fetal position. His knees were about up to his shoulders, and his
feet were sticking up toward the ceiling. His right arm was wrapped around his
right leg, reaching down into his genital area. His left hand was stretched out on
the mattress for balance, as well as to help keep nude pedo sex
himself as motionless pedo naturists as possible.
His right dark pedo photos hand was balled into a fist, but he was not gripping his penis with it.
Rather, he used his knuckles to press on the underside of his little pecker, and by
rapidly rotating his wrist, was able to produce a pleasant vibrating motion. The
only clue as to what was going on in Neville's bed was his shallow gasping
breathing pattern.No way did he want his roommates to catch him whacking off. Though he hadn't
been tuned in to Ron and Harry's actions a few moments ago (he thought he was
the only boy who did it), he had waited until it sounded like the others had fallen
asleep, so it would be safe for him to perform his recently-discovered pastime.
Neville was rapidly alfa pedo top becoming addicted to masturbation.Harry listened intently, not pedo girlz wanting to move a muscle because any slight pedo image index sound he
made would not only obscure what he was trying to hear from Neville's side, but
might spook Neville and girls nude pedo pictures
cause him top pedo 100
to stop. He couldn't suppress another grin as
he heard Neville's young russian girl pedo gasping breath become harsher, ending with three deep
whooshes as he pedo cunt photos exhaled all the pent-up energy at illegal pedofilia photos the culmination of his boyish
orgasm. Neville's breathing soon became normal, but it didn't sound as though he
had dropped off to rape pedo boy
sleep. Ron was still snoozing comfortably.Hearing pedo babysex cp Neville climax, and having had some time to recover from his first
orgasm, Harry found himself highly aroused once again, both physically and
mentally. He spat a glob of saliva into his hand, and wrapped his hand lovingly
round his stiffening pecker. He stroked it up and down, with long pedo little kids pics full caresses
made possible by the lubrication. It made a bit of a extreme pedo illegal sex squishing sound. He allowed
himself to breathe audibly, expecting pedo kdz pic site Neville to hear him, and to figure out pedo fucking pics what
Harry was doing. He deliberately hurried the pedo young girls process so as to not give Neville time
to doubt angel pedo girls what was happening.Neville had no trouble hearing the commotion coming from Harry's curtained bed.
He was fascinated as he listened to Harry's excited breathing and rhythmic sounds.
Harry wasn't being loud, but he certainly wasn't tiny pedo cp being quiet either.Neville's mind was racing. Could Harry have heard him while he masturbated? He
doubted it. He had free mafia pedo nude certainly taken precautions to be silent, and protect his secret.
He would have been just devastated if the pedo fuck 10 yo other boys caught him doing it. If Harry
hadn't heard him, did he think Neville couldn't hear him now? Maybe that african pedo girl pics was it.
No, that real pedofilia videos didn't make much sense either. Harry's actions were too audible to be
ignored. Neville was certain of what Harry was doing - and that Harry was
willing to be overheard. There was simply no other explanation - he finally
decided that Harry nympho pedo porn must have known what Neville did, and wanted to let Neville
hear him gallery pedophilia while he jerked off; in order to let Neville know it was okay. Other boys
do it too. He listened with his mouth agape, following Harry's actions in his
mind's eye.Harry pedo kindergarten porn illegal continued pedofilia free samples stroking, breathing harder and faster, until he climaxed in his
second pulsing, throbbing orgasm of the evening. He threw in a few pedo yuong porno
moans nude pedo nude
for good boy sex pedo gay
pedo for free
measure, and let out a pronounced whoosh at the end just as
Neville had, suppressing the urge to laugh because he was so certain Neville was
hanging on every sound. It excited him pedosex very young to know that Neville was following his
actions.Neville nearly fainted away when he realized Harry was having a climax right
there in the next bed, and deliberately allowed him to witness it. Harry's forceful
exhalation at the end sealed the deal, and pedofilia video children Neville was utterly helpless. His head
was swimming. He hadn't moved from his pedo pics schoolgirls former position; and was so highly
aroused from listening to Harry, that he couldn't stop teens pedo kid sex himself. He started rotating
his wrist as before, and came a second pretten incest pedo
time almost immediately. Another twenty
seconds passed, and he quickly rubbed it again, bringing about a third climax,
Finally that third orgasm provided Neville with some much-needed relief. Even
though his little penis remained totally erect, he relaxed, stretched his legs out hot pedo gallery pedo porn love
rolled onto his side and made himself vicky bondage pedo comfortable, pedo world cp He fell asleep eventually, his
mind still swirling, and not 12yo pedo clips making total pedo sex vombat sense just yet.Although Neville made less noise and was a good deal faster than the first time,
Harry knew precisely what was happening. He smiled to himself and realized he
had a sort of control over people he'd never thought about before. He had wanted
to break the ice with the shy boy without embarrassing him, and he felt he had
done video free pedo
the job. He started planning his moves for the next evening. Toying with the
possibilities, he school children pedo nude let himself slide into a luxurious sleep.

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