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Subject: Mark - series Part #10WARNING: This is a gay fantasy depicting gay males involved in
homosexual acts. If you are not of legal age to be reading this material or
you do not approve, please exit. Thanks for your consideration.Chapter#11 -- Growing up.Lee was deep in thought as the last few miles slipped under the tires. He
looked at Mark sleeping like a baby and he couldn't help but want to hold
him and keep him safe. He felt a little guilty in having broken the trust
of John and Sharon. It was something that he had never planned or thought
about and Mark came on like an express train almost from the moment he met
him after 4 years absence. John, bragged about him and Mark did not mind
displaying himself nude and semi-dressed. Any other gay guy would uk preteens models have
almost raped Mark at first sight.None of this removed the responsibility he had and he knew it although he
tried to rationalize it. Lee worried about him going out into the world of
gay people with practically no knowledge or pre teen thomg experience of what to look for.
Oh, he had sex with Glen but that was almost a set up from the moment they
drove up the drive. No experience needed there when it is given freely.
Thoughts continued to pour through his mind until he turned to head up the
hill to his brother's home.When Lee drove over the miss national preteen railroad tracks, the vibration caused Mark to stir
a little. Looking at him, he could see he had a full raging hardon and at
the sight of it he felt a twitch in his flaccid cock. Damn he said to
himself "I have to stop this and soon."Reaching over he shook Mark's shoulder and told him to "wake up kiddo, we
are almost home and you got something you need to get rid of."Looking at his top 100 preteen
uncle with a grin, he said "why don't you help me get rid preteens white pantys of
it Uncle Lee, you know how." Mark pressed his hard cock against his thigh
and let out a little moan.Lee pulled over preteen fantasie to the curbing only a few block from the house. Turning
off the lights, he turned and looking at Mark he said " you know how much I
love you and how much I would like to take you but now is not the time. I
love sucking on that beautiful cock of yours but preteen model abby
your parents are waiting
for us and we are late already." Lee had been looking at Mark in the face
and in the darkness below his waist, he had not preteen bra images
seen his nephew pulling his
shorts down revealing his steel hard hooded cock.Mark placed his home sweet preteen
preteen nude spreads
arm around the back of his seat and lifted his hips up with
his cock waving in front of Lee's face.Lee gulped at the beauty of that magnificent shaft waving just inches from
his lips.He heard Mark whispering with husky emotion, "take me Uncle Lee, you know
you want to. Suck me please, I get so horny thinking of you."Lee watched as Mark slipped his preteens models shameless
left leg through the space between the seat
backs and as he held himself in place with his left arm gripping the back
of his seat, he slipped his sexy preteen posses right leg under the preteen females models
steering wheel with his ass
resting on the console. Mark tightened his ab muscles and slowly lifted
himself up so he was sitting in front of his uncle.Reaching down with his right hand, he took his stiff cock in his hand and
waved it back and forth in front of Lee's eyes and lips. He could resist
no longer and moved his mouth to that gorgeous cock.Mark felt his uncles lips and mouth engulfing his cock and he gasped
grabbing the steering wheel with free nude preteens his right hand. Clinching his teeth tight
he hissed "Oh yes Uncle Lee take me, suck sexe preteens
me deep, drain me again. God I
love feeling you erotic preteen child suck my cock Uncle Lee." Lee could only moan with that
much cock in his mouth and he felt Mark's body tighten and then relax.Lee drove Mark's cock real artpreteen girls deep inside of his throat and felt it preteen nasty models start to swell
as he sucked the foreskin back and forth washing the underside glans and
could taste the pre-cum flowing. His own cock was leaking preteen girl pedo pre-cum and he
managed to pull it out of the leg of his shorts and he squeezed and stroked
it as he sucked Mark.Lee felt Mark swell and swell before he screamed "I'm cumming Uncle Lee, it
is cumming, cummmmmmmmming oh god Uncle Lee take me" his cock started
gushing great streams of cum that only a 16 yr old teenager can. As he was
swallowing his nephews cum he was pouring his out on the floor of the truck
and he tried to swallow more of Mark as he drained his own juice in a
surging stream.Mark laid hunched over Lee for a few minutes as his uncle continued to suck
his cock, draining it of all he could. It started to get a little
sensitive and Mark whispered to his uncle "you are going to drive me crazy
if you keep sucking me. I like it but it is getting a little cramped."Lee looked up and put his arms around Marks back helped him slide back into
his seat. Mark pulled his legs in front of him, his still somewhat stiff
cock laying against his thigh and gave a great sigh.Looking up at the truck olga preteen model ceiling, pre teen upskirts he said "Mark if there had been about 2
inches less, you would not have been able to do that trick."Mark said, "yeah, I know but God it felt good with you sucking me off and
being up on that seat, Uncle Lee. I didn't get to suck on you though,
maybe later?"Looking at Mark, he said "lord, don't you ever get enough, you are going to
kill me at this rate."Leaning over as he pulled nn too preteen his shorts up, Mark said "I doubt I will kill you
Uncle Lee, you like it as much as I do. Get enough, uh uh I never will get
enough preteen angel pic of you."Shaking his head he started the truck and moved on up the hill. Thinking
to himself 15yo preteens illegal "for a virgin he has all the right answers and knows how to push
my buttons."Glancing at Mark preteen preview video as he turned the last corner to the house, he saw that
Mark was looking like nothing had happened. He reached down to the floor
of the truck and pulled the pad back down to cover where he had shot his
load, clean that later.Pulling behind the house, he was thankful that John had not topless preteens models
replaced the
overhead outdoor light.Mark slipped out preteen pregnant pix
the door and into the house through the lower den room.
Hollering as he went inside "hey, be right up pics 12yo preteen got to take a whizzzz first."Dashing up the steps, Lee saw John and Sharon at the table and he said
"give me a second fellas, gotta japanesepreteen porn
take one of them whizzzzes myself. Be right
out." He dashed into their bedroom and the bath.Doing his business, he flushed and then checked himself over and found
nothing out of place. Headed back out to the kitchen.Looking at his brother John asked "want a beer bro, its in the frig."Pulling the beer from the frig and twisting the cap off, he sat down.
"Boy, I hope you have not had as full a day as we have had."Just about that time, Mark broke through the stairway door looking fresh as
if nothing had happened for the last 14 hours. Greeting his illegal underage preteen parents he
walked over and gave his mother a kiss on her cheek asking as he did,
"anything to drink mom, backdor preteenz
I am dry as a desert."Sharon looked at the boy and said "you know there is always something in
the refrigerator to drink, help yourself." Looking at Mark a little closer
she asked "where did you get that white shirt Mark, I don't remember you
having one of them?"Lee answered "I bought it for him at the Dollar Store in Owens. His other
fell out of his back pocket and the lawnmower ran over it shredding it.
Couldn't go into a restaurant preteen illegal russian
without a shirt preteen naked paysite and I preteen fuck photos
don't younger preteen porn
know of any fast
food drive-ins out that way at all."John looked at his brother and then his son, "why didn't you buy it, younger tgp preteen you
had money didn't you?" He asked Mark.Before Mark could answer, Lee said "John the boy was half naked and I
didn't think he need to be running around a store like that. I children preteen nude told him to
sit in the SUV and I went in and got the shirt. No big deal."John looked preteens bikini pictures
Lee for a moment and then he said "well what happened down in
the country? You guys get anything done that you wanted to?"Lee related their activities for the day, leaving out the part about Glen.
He mentioned that Raymond sent his love and was sorry he could not visit
with them but would love to have them down if they could make it. Raymond
provided them the tools and he and his son went up to the cemetery and
cleaned it up. It was late when they finished and Raymond invited them to
stay for dinner before leaving.Sharon said " he and his son went with you and helped? I thought Raymond
had four sons. Where were the other three?"Mark finally got into the conversation answering his mother, "the other
three preteens pics models are married and have left the farm, only Glen is there to help him
his youngest. He says help is hard to find now."John said "the other three got smart, how old is the youngest?"Lee told them that Raymond had said "Glen was had just turned 21 and if it
had not been for him staying and preteen beauty pagent helping he might have had to sell the
place. I will be surprised if the boy stays on the farm at least after
Raymond passes. He mentioned wanting to travel to other places and meet
people."Mark interjected "Glen mentioned something about maybe joining the Marine
Corps. He is big enough to make a top preteen videos good looking Marine."John said "well might be some hope for the boy after all." Mention the
Marines and that is all it took to get his approval.Mark stood up and washed his glass young preteens nue
at the sink. Turning naturist preteen nymphets he said "folks I
am kind of bushed so if you will excuse me, I want to shower and turn in."Before he let Mark go, John said "do you have the chores done that your
mother asked you to do?"Mark looked down and said "no sir, I still have to put the side and front
porch furniture up in the garage."John asked preteen tit sites him if he didn't think he should get that done tomorrow and Mark
replied yes sir.As Mark left the room, Lee called out "don't nude girls preteens use all of the hot water kid,
I won't be far behind you."Looking at the child preteens nudesuper models preteen kitchen clock he saw it said almost maxwells young preteens 11PM and preteen xxxpornpreteen model masha said "darn, I
didn't realize it was that late. Where is Loretta, in bed?"Sharon said "she preteen lesbian bbs was and was pedo preteen boy a bit disappointed she missed you today."Looking at his beer, he asked "do you know what she has planned for
tomorrow? Maybe I can take her out to lunch and smooth things over. "Looking at preteen adolecent
her favorite brother-in-law, Sharon just smiled before answering
Lee, "she knew you guys had gone down to the country and didn't really
expect you would very preteen nudes
get back until late. She said you might want to take her
out for lunch and if you did, I should suggest the Olive Garden, romanian preteen porn
favorite. You are to predictable Lee, these kids know you to a "T"."Lee smiled and John chuckled as he drained his bottle. "Yep John said,
been white panty preteen that way since they were born especially Mark. Lets all hit the sack.
I know you must be tired little bro."Lee agreed preteen model angela
and gave Sharon a peck on the cheek as he headed for the door to
the bedroom noticing that the door was slightly ajar.Mark had left the bath light on with the door also ajar. He masturbating preteen girl
looked at Mark
and saw he had the sheet under his arm with the other under his head, real preteenz nude
closed. His breathing seemed to be normal as he closed the door with a
solid click.Lee moved silently bdsm preteen over to incest preteen beastiality his bed and stripped down wrapping his dirty
clothes into a small bundle and pushing them into a plastic grocery bag.
As he leaned over to pick up the bag, he didn't see Mark's eyes open and
looking models preteen art at his rear end. boy preteen russian Mark licked his lips.As his uncle turned he saw the outline of his uncle's cock hanging down in
front of him from his hard muscled groin. He watched preteen kis bbs as Lee scratched his
pubic hair and that that slightly swollen cock moved african preteen porno with each scratching
motion. non nude preteenl Mark could feel his own cock swelling as he sneak looked at his
uncle. Thinking to himself he said "God I do love him and I want more of
him." But Mark thought better of showing Lee that he had been watching him
as he stripped and scratched himself.Lee walked into the bath but did not close the door fully, he didn't want
the preteen model newsgroup
door to click preteen gay forums and wake Mark.As his uncle went into the bath, Mark threw the european porn preteen sheets back and started
pulling his rock hard cock slowly and squeezing his nuts. He wanted to go
into the bath room so bad but held off as he massaged his nuts and pulled
his cock. He knew his uncle was right but it was hard for him to stop
wanting preteen photos tgp
him, he loved everything about him.Lee stepped into the shower and relaxed as the warm watch flowed over his
body. Taking the soap he started to soap down and reaching his cock and
balls slowly washed them and with the heat of the water and his soapy
hands, his cock started to preteen vikini model swell as he pulled the foreskin back to wash
himself. preteen pussy masterbation Licking his lips he continued soaping his cock and balls and he
got hotter as his cock swelled to full staff, its red blood gorged head
covered with soap. Lee thought about his day with Mark in the truck and
how fresh asian preteens he felt naughty little preteens every rapidshare anya preteenjapanese preteen bikini time he had taken his feet preteen pics nephew and Mark took him. His hips
were thrusting furiously and his hand was pumping his cock causing his
balls to busty preteen girls slap against him.Lee didn't hear the door latch snap shut, he was deep into his drive to
climax. He didn't hear the shower door open while he was experiencing wave
after wave of desire to blow his wad.Without warning, he felt hot lips covering his cock and looking down he saw
Mark kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. Lee grabbed Mark's head
and started to pump his organ deep inside Mark's hot mouth and throat.
Suddenly he felt his cock swelling and his nuts drawing up as he was about
to shoot his preteen nudists colonies
wad down his nephews throat. Stuffing his fish into his mouth
to prevent any noise, he felt his cock jerking and his cum shooting teens preteens pictures out in
great gobs.Lee bent over and fucking preteen girls held Mark's head and face tight into his groin as he took
short hip strokes letting his cum fill Mark's throat and mouth. preteen models toppless He felt
Mark moaning and gripping his cock with his lips and preteens porn tpg Lee looked down seeing
Mark's big cock shooting his load down the drain as he was swallowing his
uncles load.Mark could feel their cocks softening and preteen nude contest he worked his lips the length of
Lee's softening cock as he drained his uncles juice. He milked nudist videos preteen
his cock
down as he slowly stood cute nonude preteen up wrapping his arms around his uncles waist and
holding him tight against him.Lee hq preteen pics
had his arms over Marks shoulders, he was drained and exhausted.Mark looked preteen africa galleries at his uncle and said "I'm sorry Uncle Lee but I heard you
jerking off and I just could not resist. I had too come in." Mark kissed
his uncles neck and white preteen breasts
slipped his tongue into his ear with teenie preteen models a little moan.
They stood there like that for a few minutes feeling their cocks slip down
as they softened.Lee said nothing, what could he. He was just wanting Mark to take him.
Can't say a thing about what had preteens pornstars
happened when you wanted it to happen.Lee reached behind Mark and turned the water off. They stepped out and
dried each other without speaking just looking and loving every inch of
each other. Mark could not resist brushing his chest against his uncle's,
it brazilian preteen nudes
felt so smooth almost like silk. They played and ran their hands over
each other bodies, preteen kid nude nuzzling and acting like a brooke shields preteen couple of kids. A slight
swelling cause them both to move to the door and snapping the light off
step into the dark bedroom. They stood there for a few preteen child photo minutes allowing
their eyes to adjust.Moving to Marks bed, he slid in and felt his uncle wrapping the sheet
around his body, tucking him in. hardcore preteen vids As Lee leaned down he pressed his lips
lightly on Marks and then he said "I love you so much baby, I really do."Mark rubbed his uncles cheek and said softly "I know Uncle Lee, I know and
you will never know how preteen boy
much I love perteen preteen you 100 kiddie preteen and need you in my life."Lee stood with a great preteen yahoo groups lump in his throat as he slipped into his bed
thinking of the future and Mark...Send comments to:
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