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Related post: Date: Sat, 18 May 2002 01:15:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: tag michaels
Subject: mikel & Anton pt6The next day Mikel talked with Jon in the special room they called MIJO
that Jon had created for them in mIRC. He told Jon about the night before
and finally going inside Jamie and how hot it was, preteen pedo pix how tight it was inside
the little boys' bottom. "He is so beautiful Jon, and when I squirted in
his bottom I loved him even more than I ever have. It is so strange. I wish
you could see how xxx preteens videos
awesome cute he is and such a sweet preteens 3d models
boy? Mikel typed. Jon
looked at the picture of Jamie that Mikel had sent him while Mikel typed
on, preteen beaches telling him about going inside the little boy. The young teen then
changed track and nn preteen lingerie started talking about how he wished he could be with Jon,
to suck on his cock and hold him and how much he wanted Jon's big man cock
inside his boy bottom. "It would be so hot Jon," the boy typed "I just know
that you would feel so good in my bottom"Jon responded by telling Mikel how much he would love to suck on his young
hard cock and lick on his balls then put his big cock in Mikel's tight hot
bum". Jon's cock was as rock hard as was Mikel's and they told each other
about how they were stroking themselves thinking about sucking and fucking
each other and feelins they would feel going sexy together. Both males
were hot hot hot and Mikel squirted first, pumping his boy cream into his
hand. Mikel always knew when Jon squirted cause his non jacking hand would
just start hitting keys, like it was now. Ko;oib;I `oih p98 hoil
yoip7g9gbj/m 9yu;j. "HMMMMMM" the young boy thought as he saw what was on
his screen. "Jon had a good squirt" and indeed, Jon came on to tell the boy
that he had squirted onto his keyboard and needed to clean it up. They
professed their love for each other and signed off.A few days later Jon got an email asking him to go to the room that night
as soon as he could and Jon complied. He found the boy in their room and as
soon as preteen foto top he showed up on the screen, Mikel began typing."Oh man, Jon, I am so glad you are here. Anton and me got in trouble at
school today". Jon immediately figured they got caught being sexy or
something along those lines."What happened", he typed. It seems that, as the boys were walking home
after school they were holding hands and some older kids from school saw
them. Apparently the older boys preteens xxx videos
taunted them, pushed them around a little,
maybe even hit them, and pushed them into a ditch, all the while calling
them fags and queers. Jon felt girls sex preteen
a little relief. Being outed was one thing,
being charged preteen buy lola with inflagrente delecto was an entirely different matter.
The boys were ok, nothing broken and no blood spilled although they might
have a bruise or two. Mikel was concerned about how things were going to go
at school the next day, and days after. Jon suggested martial arts preteens in thong classes
immediately. They talked about how the boys could begin protecting
themselves from now on by not taking chances like they did that
afternoon. Fortunately neither boy was effeminate in clothing style or
behavior, in fact, quite the opposite. They were underwear preteen
outgoing, friendly and
just plain nice boys. Both were acknowledged athletes in multiple sports
and well liked by everyone who knew them. It helped too that they were drop
dead cute and looked upon favorably by every female in the school,
virtually all of the teachers and not just a few boys. They were also in
the upper levels in their grade scholastically. In short, they were in a
position to pull off being gay, where kids of lesser standing could not.
As it turned out, they were not hassled any further, although they were
"outed" at school. The outing wasn't a big deal, and only a few people knew
for many months to come and they accepted boys. As Mikel said later, he
thought that perhaps some of the upper classmen had "talked with" the boys
who harassed them causing the boys to back off.The conversation turned to other things and Jamie had come in the room to
say good night to the older brother that he adored and took the time to say
hello to Jon. "How are you Jon, I hope you are well, this is Jamie." Jon
responded with a hello and fine. "Mikel went inside me desi preteens pussy did he tell you, it
was awesome Jon and I want him to do it again. When do you think I will
make sperms Jon? I can hardly wait. I think I am making some of preteen toplist ls the pre
stuff tho cause my thing gets kind of sticky when it's gets hard and I go
sexy with Mikel. Well I have to go to bed now Jon, I love you bye". And
the boy was gone, replaced by Mikel."He is such a sweet sweet boy Jon, you would love him so much he is so a
cute boy and so nice, oh man. nn preteen model And his cock is getting big I swear. It is
big for such a little boy, I think he will be bigger than me and Anton
even. He so wants to go sexy with you Jon, he talks about it a
lot. Hehehehehehe. We both miss our dad Jon and we think of you being our
dad sometimes cause of the way you help us and talk to us and teach us
things, and not just about bein sexy too, everything. Is that ok Jon that
we think of you that way. If it's not we will not talk of it." Jon's heart
went out to the boy. He preteen foto sites had known him for almost preteen nonnude pixs eight months and they had
talked about everything imaginable. Jon knew that the boy's father had died
a few years before, that their mother had remarried and the stepfather was
not all that nice a guy. Jon had helped the boys to deal with the gay
issue, sexuality, and a variety of other life things. Jon knew that the
boys were indeed gentle, kind, innocent, trusting, and caring souls. He
laughed when he thought about how, in the beginning of the relationship,
Mikel had chastised him for typing swear words and asked Jon to not do
so. That is the kind of boys these were."Well baby boy," Jon typed, "I can never replace your daddy but I am
honored to have you think of me as a dad and you can call me dad whenever
you feel you need preteen modeling dvd to. And I will try to live up to your expectations of me
in that regard. Thank you so much Mikel" Jon had a lump in his throat and
wished he could crawl through the monitor and hug the boy and comfort
him. And that didn't mean sex, it meant loving in the true sense of the
word. The sexual episodes were growing farther and farther apart. And that
was just fine. Being a dark collections preteen mentor for these boys was much more to Jon's liking,
although, an occasional fantasy jack-off with the boy over the net was
still fun. Even Anton had gotten into the act a few times. Jon liked to
hear about Mikel's day, he liked to hear about Mikel's adventures whether
they were sexual or not and Mikel kept him pretty well informed about much
of what was going on in his life.One of Mikel's recent adventures involved a cave the boys had preteen funs found. Mikel
lived in one of those expensive neighborhoods that, while not exactly in
the country, gave the impression that they were. Huge homes on acres of
property that abutted forest land. Houses and land situated so that you
couldn't see the neighbor's house, or the Rolls or Mercedes (Mikel's family
had one of each) in the driveway. There was a funny story at the beginning
of their relationship preteen porn naked
when Mikel's family was going to go to some other
family members for a big Sunday dinner. Mikel had said that he wanted to go
in his mother's car because he hated Lewis' car, Lewis being their mothers'
husband. Jon had asked what kind of car Lewis had and Mikel said he wasn't
sure but he thought it was a Polls Noyce. Jon almost preteen bbs cp died. "Do you mean a
Rolls Royce" Jon had asked, and when Mikel said yes that was it, Jon told
him that it was mostly girl preteen picture handmade and generally the most expensive luxury car
in the world. Mikel said that he wouldn't know anything about that but it
sure was quiet riding in that big preteens naked modeling ugly yellow thing.In any case, for the most part, these homes that didn't have, and probably
never had, children living in them. For that reason, it is likely that the
cave the boys found on a hillside in the woods near Mikel's home had not
been discovered by humans for at least a generation and maybe forever. The
boys were doing their boy thing, exploring, being adventurers. The cave
entrance was off of the trail, hidden in behind brush and the boys would
not have found it if polish nude preteen they weren't looking for a hidden place to be sexy in
the first place. The adventure had not started out with that purpose in
mind but somehow turned into a hunt for such a place. I think all boys like
the freedom of being naked outside, having their young boy dicks and balls
exposed to the air, having a rock hard cock, jacking it in the wild. Of
course there is always the risk that someone might catch you, which only
adds to the excitement, the creating of a harder cock, a stronger more
forceful cum. Of course, trying to drop your fresh sperm on a scuttling bug
is always fun too. Anyhow, it was Mikel who first found it, a narrow crack in the rock facing
a very small little clearing inside a tangled brush patch. He called the
two other boys who managed to find him in the thick underbrush and taking
out a flashlight (boy scouts are always prepared) then went in. The entry
was a few feet long, about one and a half boys wide and made a turn into
the cave itself, which was about the size of a modest living room. Fifteen
to twenty people could fit without being crowded A cursory look with the
light indicated no presence of humans, and little presence of animals, a
floor of hard packed clay and dirt, walls of solid rock that were created
with jumbles of rock at the base. While not even, the rock had a variety of
spots for sitting on preteens cumshot
or setting things on along the walls. Warning the
other boys, Mikel turned the light off pitching the room into almost total
darkness. He turned it back on and with a huge grin said, "This is a
awesome perfect place you guys, perfect for a fort and perfect for being
sexy in". The other two agreed totally. Mikel tried setting the flashlight
in a variety of spots on webcam preteen address the rocks along the wall, trying to find which
ones would allow the light to illuminate the preteen shy lollita cave the best and
fullest. Once he found the one that was the best, he went back out to the
entrance and, coming back in, said that preteen thumbs videos
you couldn't see a thing, the place
seemed totally hidden."You thinkin what I'm thinkin Mikel" Anton asked. Mikel only smiled and
using his feet, kicked his tennis shoes off while he undid his pants. Both
Anton and Jamie followed Mikel's lead and soon, all three boys were totally
naked and dancing around like Lord preteens swimsuits pics of the Flies boys. The light reflected
three smooth white bodies, the two older boys firm from the sports they
played and Jamie still having a little baby fat models and preteens on his belly. Three boy
cocks stood firm and proud in the air, bouncing as they danced around,
small amounts of hairs growing at the base of the rigid standing members of
two of them. The two older boys hanging hairless balls bounced along with
them. Jamie's balls, although starting to drop, were still a little tight
to his hairless smooth boy body. His cock preteen blonde bikini was getting there though and,
sticking straight up, it appeared that it would rival his older brother and
lover's teen flesh soon enough.Mikel stopped in front of Anton and dropping to his knees in front of the
boy began sucking on his cock, drawing the length of it into his warm
mouth. One hand cupped teen preteen fuck
his lover's beautiful balls, the other on his firm
ass using it to direct Anton to fuck his mouth. After a few strokes he took
the cock out and directed his tongue to the balls he loved so much,
suckling preteen pic nude on them, drawing them into his mouth and rolling them around one
at a time. Jamie had come close and was kissing Anton while Anton stroked
on Jamie's rock hard smooth boy cock then Anton bent over at the waist and
sucked on the head of Jamie's pulsing dick while Mikel, after readjusting
his position, continued to suck and lick on Anton's nuts. Mikel finally
stood up, Anton followed and the two young lovers began kissing, deep
tongue mingling lips smashed kissing.With nothing else to do Jamie got on his knees and, grabbing a ramrod
straight cock in each hand began stroking. The two older boys turned so
that Jamie had better access to their cocks, and resumed kissing, tweaking
each other's nipples and rubbing on chests and bellies and asses. Jamie
began sucking on Anton's cock while stroking Mikel's preteen nude candid and after a minute he
would suck on Mikel's and stroke Anton's. He even tried taking both boy
dicks in his small girl pleasurable preteen mouth at the same time but could only manage the heads.
Perhaps it was being outside, or the preteen naked fkk newness of being outside but all three
boys were getting hot and the two older ones were moaning as the little boy
at their feet paid homage to their teenage dicks. Mikel was the first to
turn so that his little brother had full on access to his throbbing
cock. Jamie took the hint and began sucking his brother's cock in earnest,
taking as much of it in as he could without choking, preteen girl tgp then sliding his head
back away from it. his other clutched at the balls hanging in front of him,
squeezing them gently and tugging on them. Mikel placed both preteen wet models hands on his
brothers head and began fucking his cock into the warm young mouth."Do you want me to cum in your mouth Jamie" he breathed. The little boy
kept sucking but nodded his head yes. "ok hold on cause I am gonna squirt
soon". galerie young preteen His hands were roaming all over the small blonde head that held his
cock captive. He could feel the tingle start in his balls, go to the base
of his cock and move swiftly upward until his sperms blew out the end of
his cock amatuer preteen porn
and into Jamie's mouth. The little boy was swallowing as fast as
he could and actually got all of his older brother's cum down his throat.
Mikel stopped pumping, allowing his cock to drain into Jamie's mouth, his
breathing beginning to slow. Jamie took his mouth away from the slowly
wilting cock and turned his attention to the firmly inflated one next to
his preteen nudes galleries face and took the head of it into his mouth. He power sucked just on
the head, then drew it in, again, until he almost choked then moved his
head off of it. Anton resumed kissing on Mikel and squeezing his firm
little ass while his cock got worked into a squirting position. Soon he too
moved his hands to the blonde head at his waist, running them gently
through Jamie's hair while the little boy brought him to the edge and
sucked him over. Anton pumped into the small warm mouth, driving his hot
sperms down the little boy's throat to mix with his lover's sperms in the
boy's belly. As the cock finished draining it's boy juice, Jamie took his
mouth away."Oh man you guys that was way awesome, I never drank sperms before and that
was lot. And I didn't choke either", obviously the boy was proud of his
accomplishment. Both Jamie and Anton helped bring the boy to his feet and
began kissing all over him, sucking on his little pink nipples, stroking on
his cock and rubbing his slender little ass and telling him how good he
suckled them, how it felt and how proud they were that he could drink all
of their hot sperms. Mikel knelt in front of his little brother and,
gripping the slender hips, guided the rampant little cocklet into his
wanting mouth and began sucking like he never sucked before. The taste was
a little salty and Mikel knew that the little boy was making preteen tgp nn precum and
soon it would be full on sperms. Jamie wanted to squirt sperms like the
older boys so badly. Mikel figured that maybe, if they jacked him off a
lot, his body would start making sperm so they all tried to help the boy by
making him orgasm as often as possible. cd preteen sex
Today was no exception and Mikel
felt his little brother stiffen then shake as a dry orgasm shook through
his small body causing him to go weak in the knees. Fortunately both boys
had a grip on him so he didn't fall. After he calmed down, Mikel stood up
and kissed the darling cute boy on the lips, then kissed his lover."Well, I guess we have broke the place in" Mikel said and they all
laughed. "We are gonna have so so masturbating preteens much fun in here I just know it and being
sexy and naked is so hot, oh man." The other two boys agreed as they got
dressed, took another look around then left. That night Mikel told Jon all
about the cave and how they went sexy inside to break it in. Jon called it
a christening. Mikel laughed at that. Jon also told him how to mark the
ground so that when they went back they could tell if someone had been
there. He would tell them how to booby trap russin preteen models it if they wanted to
later. Mikel told Jon that he had been invited by a girl to a birthday
party for Friday night and he didn't really want to go especially without
Anton but felt that he kind of needed to. He would probably leave early.
Anyhow, it was late and he needed to go to bed so, they both said g'nite
and signed off. Mikel went down the hall to see hot preteen board
if Jamie was awake and kiss him good
night, a ritual that he had performed almost nightly for years. Jamie was
still awake and said that he thought Mikel had forgotten about him. "Oh no
sweety boy, you know better than that" Mikel cooed to his little brother,
who was only teasing Mikel to begin with. He was an awesome preteens posing underwear sweet sweet
little boy, becoming not so little, especially that cock of his Mikel
thought. Jamie asked if Mikel would get into bed preteen boy bdsm and huggle with him till
he fell asleep nimphets preteens so Mikel stripped his boxers and T-shirt off and climbed
naked under the covers. Jamie snuggled up tight to him, laying his head on
Mikel's shoulder and a hand across Mikel's firm chest. Mikel could feel the
boys' cock on his thigh, could feel it growing from a soft piece of flesh
to a rock hard hunk of boy pole. Jamie pressed his hips into Mikel,
grinding a little bit, causing pressure on his sensitive penis and as he
did, Mikel could feel the sticky dampness from Jamie's pre-cum. "gosh" he
thought, "the boy preteens nudes boys
seemed nude preteen 13yo to be making more pre-cum each day. Soon he would
be making sperms." Mikel's cock was rigid and twitching in anticipation of
what was to come. His taut belly tingled with the feelings as Jamie's hand
began to move slowly downward until it bumped into the soft velvety head of
Mikel's cock. The hand continued it's trail downward, slipping underneath
the pulsing piece of boy meat, until it ran into the boy's pubic hairs,
soft preteen toplists sites to Jamie's fingers, and stopping at the base of the hard warm cock
laying on the back of his hand. Jamie rubbed his fingers into Mikel's soft
fine bush, his fingers splitting to go on each side of Mikel's cock and
rubbing into emmie preteen model the crease between thigh and pubic bone. He could hear
Mikel's breathing quicken as he pulled his fingers back and moved them
downward into one leg crease and they slid between thigh and the soft sac
of balls, hanging there and preteens african turning the hand to rub and fondle the balls in
their hairless crinkled bag. The legs opened, allowing the little boy more
access to the treasure in his hand and to allow fingers to tickle down even
further, tracing the seam of skin that began underneath the bag and ended
at the pink puckered muscle of Mikel's boy hole. The hand moved back upward
along the underside of Mikel's now throbbing cock and stopped half way the,
the finger delicately wrapping preteen skinny hairless themselves around the hard flesh and slowly
beginning to stroke it. Mikel moaned softly and Jamie turned his head
upward facing his older brother, whose head lowered slightly until the
perfectly formed lips of each boy met and melted ukrainian hairless preteens into a soft gentle kiss,
which increased in pressure and ended in a mouth open tongue dancing
passionate exchange.Mikel's breathing was coming even faster now. He loved his little brother
so so much and he loved being sexy with him, teaching the younger boy what
he knew and was learning, knowing how the feelins felt in his young
awakening body. He loved the tender soft feel of Jamie's fingers and how
the boy moved them across Mikel's body. Not a word had been said, no words
were necessary and Jamie broke the kiss and moved his lips down to Mikel's
chest until his soft lips found a firm nipple and he suckled it like a baby
while his other hand gently stroked on Mikel's hard and ready dick. Mikel
was close to orgasm now, his breath coming in ragged pieces, moaning at the
feelings pouring through his body. "Faster" he whimpered, "rub my cock
faster Jamie, oh man I am gonna squirt real soon". The young boy did as he
was requested and stroked faster on his brothers' cock and gripping it
firmer as well preteens models european until he soon felt it swell in his small hand, then pulse
each time it blasted out a glob of sperm onto Mikel's convulsing firm lower
belly. He continued to stroke, although slowing down to a sedate pace
until he finally stopped and lowered his head down until he found his
brother's warm cum and licked it, cleaning the boy's belly with his tongue.
Once done, he moved his body up and slid a leg over Mikel's chest so that
he was straddling it, his boy boner only inches from Mikel's mouth. He
moved up further until Mikel took the boys hairless rock hard cock into his
mouth. Jamie braced his hands on the wall at the head of his bed and
proceeded to fuck his cock in and out of Mikel's mouth. Mikel put his
hands on the little boy's ass, squeezing and kneading the soft cheeks,
running fingers up and down inside the crack and using the cheeks to guide
the slender hips in their fucking motion. He could taste the precum flowing
out of his younger brother's cock and licked at the head slit taking the
sticky liquid onto his tongue. Jamie was moaning at the feelings. Mikel
could hold a cock pretty good in his mouth, so it had a firm grip on the
smaller boy's sensitive member as he preteen model nonnude
drove it in and out of it's warm
receptacle. All of a sudden Mikel felt shock preteen babes the boy shudder, almost violently,
as his young body experienced an orgasm that, although dry, was still
powerful in the small body. After a minute or so Jamie pulled his cock out
of Mikel's mouth and slid down until the boy's waists were matched up then
lay down, his body totally on Mikel's and their faces in front of each
other. The younger boy kissed his brother full on the lips and said,"I love you so much Mikel, you are the best brother a boy could ever have".
Mikel didn't need to answer. Jamie knew that his brother's love for him
equaled his. The little boy laid his head on Mikel's shoulder again and it
wasn't until he was asleep that Mikel moved him off his body and preteenorgy onto the
mattress, and kissing him one last time left for his own room.Friday night Mikel went to the party despite the fact that he really didn't
want to. The girl that invited him had a crush on Mikel, which he knew from
for various mutual friends who passed the information on in the style that
all young teens do. "What do you think of so and so" "do you think so and
so is cute" "so and so really likes you, would chill pics preteen you go out with her?" Given
all of that, Mikel felt a little bit like a fly headed into the spiders'
web but he went. He said his hello's as soon as he got preteen beastiality bbs there and proceeded
to mingle with other guests and friends, doing his best to avoid the
hostess. After a couple hours she managed to corner him in a dark corner of
the back yard and professed her feeling to the cute young teen. She began
kissing on his lips and fortunately, his experience with boys saved him
from embarrassment, as he preteen school skirts was able to return the kiss but without
ardor. The girl put her hand on the front of Mikel's pants and began slowly
rubbing, alternating between kissing him and talking about sex, about
putting russian young preteens
"it" in her. Mikel was not turned on by the idea what so ever. He
liked boys, he loved Anton but he was also top less preteen a young teenage boy, full of new
hormones and sexual desires and eager singles preteen pressure of almost any kind on his growing
boy cock would produce the gallant reflex. And it did. Mikel's cock
reached maximum hardness in record time which the young girl took to mean
that he wanted her, was turned on by her. She undid his pants, and unzipped
them, opening the sides and exposing and expanse of colored boxers. The
girl continued to rub on his rigid dick through the boxers as she kissed on
him and murmured to him and eventually she worked up the courage to go
inside the fly and actually touch his flesh. Mikel gasped at the feeling,
another signal to the girl that his cute boy felt the same way about her as
she did about him. Totally wrong of course, but girls, especially young
ones, don't get that. Her fingers were soft and delicate, had a different
feel than boy's fingers which felt very good on his preteen jeans models
young cock. The girl
pulled the rampant cock out through the fly hole of his boxers and once
freed, she felt the length of it, squeezing lightly.""It's so hard Mikel" she whispered, and looking down at the boy flesh in
her soft hand added "and it's so big". Mikel's cock wasn't that big yet,
although it was getting there, but she didn't have that much experience.
Being a girl, and a young one preteen doll at that, she assumed that when being sexy, a
boy's world is wrapped up in his cock so she didn't go near his balls, she
had no real interest in them, only his steel hard cock which she began
stroking. Somehow she knew that having this way cute boy's cock inside of
her on this night was not going to happen so her next best bet was to make
him cum so she stroked on the hard flesh in her hand. She looked down as
performed the deed, Mikel's gaze following hers. Although it was dark,
there was enough light to see what she was doing. Mikel wanted her to grip
him harder, to stroke him faster but he was a little frightened by the
whole experience and he didn't want to encourage her so didn't' say
anything until the familiar tingle started in his balls."Careful" he whispered, "It's gonna shoot". The girl stroked a little
faster as they both stared at the head of the cock, and then it was there,
the boy juice she heard all about from her girl friends, blasting out the
tip of Mikel's cock. She thought she saw three squirts of stuff come out
then notice it slowed to a dribble, dripping off of the head of the penis
in magazine preteen teen a long trail toward the ground. She milked the cock a little more then
let go of it and they stood there a moment, the piece of white meat
sticking out of Mikel's underwear."That was fun" she said "but I want to do more with you Mikel, maybe we can
go out sometime soon". He responded that maybe they could but right now
Mikel wanted nothing more to leave the situation, the house, this girl. The
experience confirmed for him that he was gay, he liked being sexy with
boys. It confirmed his feelings for Anton, that he loved Anton more preteen boy galleries than
anything in the world and wanted to be with him, not this girl, not any
girl, ever. After cleaning himself up a little and stowing his soft cock
back where it belonged they went into the house, she immediately being
distracted by friends. Mikel took the opportunity to sneak away and go
home, feeling not a little guilty about what happened. Chapter 2 The next
day, when Anton came over, Mikel apologetically told him what happened and
that he felt that he had cheated on his lover preteen boys nn
and it didn't feel
good. Anton was very understanding, told Mikel that he understood and he
wasn't angry and didn't feel cheated on. "I know I'm gay for midget porn preteen real Anton" he
shared. "I never want to be with a girl again ever, I only want to be with
you. I love you so much Anton" he continued in a voice laced with
anguish. Anton could feel what his lover was feeling and wrapping him in
his arms said quietly,"I love you so preteen models nympho
much Mikel, and hearing you tell of it, I never want to be
with a girl and I never will be with a girl, only with you". The young
teenage lovers held each other and in tandem, moved toward Mikel's bed and
fell on it, still in each other's arms. They huggled and kissed, gently,
tenderly, not in anticipation of sex but in acknowledgement of their love
for each other. Later that evening they were walking hand in hand in a
large wooded park near their home. There was a large pond, or small lake,
with a walking path around it's nude preteen pix perimeter and the boys went there
frequently, sometimes with Mikel's mother and Jamie, just to enjoy the
beauty and serenity. On this evening it small preteen cunt
was just the two boys, and they
talked as they walked of all manner of things important to a boy. It was a
warm night for early nn preteen pics June in the Pacific Northwest, the boys dressed in
T-shirts and sports shorts, as they walked under a full moon, seemingly
alone. At least they couldn't see anyone else on the pond/lake trail. By
mutual and unspoken consent they veered away from the water and walked some
of the woods lollita preteen nudist trails eventually coming across a small glade off of the
beaten path. They had seen this glade in the daytime, and knew that it
offered privacy, especially at night. They stood in the moonlight, kissing
and holding each other, Mikel's hand rubbing nude preteen padgeant
on the front of Anton's
shorts, and pressing on the boy's hard cock. daddy preteen girl He sunk to his knees pulling
Anton with him, then gently pushed his lover onto his back ten preteen sexe in the soft
mossy grass. Anton complied totally, laying down and Mikel lay next to him
propped on one elbow staring real preteen illegal down into Anton's beautiful face."You are so so beautiful Anton". Mikel whispered and lowered his own
equally beautiful face to his lovers' and kissing him gently, the two
perfectly formed sets of lips moving against each other in a soft gentle
manner. It was a movement and expression of love and caring, not of
passion. That would certainly come later, and soon. Without breaking the
kiss, Mikel reached down and rubbed Anton's firm boy tummy, sliding the
shirt up and out of the way at the same time and rubbing the boy's chest
and nipples. They kissed on, not in a long lip together kiss but of little
kisses interspersed with longer ones. Both boys breathing was coming a
little faster, Mikel could feel Anton's chest and belly picking up speed
and as he moved his hand downward to the waistband of Anton's best photos preteens shorts, the
breathing picked up even more. He slid his hand under the waistband of
shorts and boxers and found his lover's pride and joy, pressed rock hard
against the boy's lower abdomen. He squeezed on the shaft and the head
causing Anton to gasp at the feeling. Using his hand, Mikel indicated that
he wanted to move Anton's clothing down and the boy lifted his hips to help
in the process, lowering his firm tight boy ass back to the softness of the
grass as soon as possible. Mikel moved asians preteen girls
the shorts to Anton's knees and
slowly trailed his fingers back upward along his tender smooth inner thighs
until the back of his hand gently tapped Anton's balls. Anton reacted by
putting his feet together and spreading his legs as far open as they could
go, preteen model farrah
a typical boy position when a boy is hot and horny. Anton was top preteens porn now about
as naked and exposed as a boy can be and still have clothes on. Mikel
leaned away and looked down on his lover's body and reveled in the
sight. From chest to ankles, his body was firm and well defined from years
of active sports and, aside from the small patch of light brown hair
growing at the base of his gorgeous and rampant five inch cock, his body
was hairless and smooth, firm yet soft to the touch. Mikel loved Anton's
body so much. He could almost cum just looking at his boy lover without
ever touching him. But touch him he did. He began at the top of his chest and trailed his finger tips, just barely
touching the smooth skin, in lazy movement all over the exposed body,
carefully avoiding the twitching cock and hairless balls between smooth
silky thighs. Anton's body was shivering with pleasure, goose bumps popping
up everywhere Mikel's fingers went as Mikel continued looking into Anton's
face, his lover's eyes closed. Mikel preteen hymen pics lowered his face and began licking,
starting at the small pink nipples and slowly working downward until he got
poked in the cheek by the velvety soft head of Anton's rigid boy
cock. Mikel simply turned his head and his lips touched the head gently
before his tongue snaked out and licked the head causing Anton to gasp
again. Mikel lowered his face onto his lover's teen cock and he buried it
to the root in his warm mouth. Mikel's hand cupped Anton's balls and he
gently squeezed on them as he moved his head up and down on the cock in his
mouth, Anton moaning from the feelings coursing through his firm young
body. Mikel loved the feel of his lover's young cock in his mouth, loved
the feel of his tongue on the silky head of Anton's dick. Mikel could
almost feel Anton's heartbeat through the erect penis in his mouth. Oh god
how he loved this, sucking on Anton's cock, his own breathing coming faster
from the excitement."EEEKKKK". Anton's eyes flew open, Mikel's head came up and both boy's
eyes locked onto two girls, one about eleven and the other maybe the boys
age. Standing about eight feet preteen elweb galleries away, they were staring open mouthed at
Anton's now totally exposed rock hard teenage cock, Mikel's hand still
holding the balls underneath it. How they got there without the boys
hearing it was a wonder but of course that hardly mattered now. Both girls
started to giggle and ran off through the woods. The whole thing probably
didn't last more than fifteen seconds. Anton grabbed at his shorts and
tugged them over his hips before standing up, Mikel was already on his
feet. The boys tore off in the other direction and didn't' stop running
until amateur preteen models they left the park. They finally stopped, bent over with hands on
knees, breathing like bellows. And then they laughed. They laughed until
they were rolling on the grass. "Oh man", Mikel said between gasps. "that
was to to much oh man I can't believe that they saw us"."Well it wasn't your hard cock sticking out there for the world to see"
Anton said. "I hope they enjoyed the view. It was probly the first live
cock they ever saw"."Well it sure is a nice cock for them to see for a first time" Mikel said
and he got up, pulling his lover along with him. The boys kissed again and
headed for Mikel's house to finish what they started.When they got home, they discovered that no one else was there. Mikel's mom
had gone with Jamie on some unspecified mission. The boys grabbed coke and
chips and headed to Mikel's room on the third floor of the house. Getting
online they found Jon and Mikel told him what had happened, which Jon found
hysterical. He said he could preteen modeling swimsuits only imagine how the boys felt about that,
especially Anton since it was his cock sticking out all over the place.
Then Mikel told Jon about the girl jackin him off the night before and how
he felt about it. Jon empathized with the boy and felt a little sad for
him. In Jon's mind Mikel had been violated, on the other hand at least he
knew in his heart of hearts what his preteen girl nylons
orientation was, and more importantly,
his feelings for Anton."He is so so beautiful Jon I wish you were here so you could see how
beautiful he is" sexy wet preteens
Mikel typed. There was a pause and then the words,"Mikel is beautiful to Jon, you should see him too" the screen said. "oh,
this is Anton, if you didn't know". Jon talked with Anton for a bit,
discussing the evening event and what his thoughts were on it. Jon told him
then he typed in, "Oh man Jon, Mikel is rubbin on my cock in my shorts and
makin it go way hard, hehehehehe, hey, he took it out. Pause. "oh man Jon
he is taking my shorts and underwares down and my hard cock is stickin way
up. Oh man he erotic preteen adult is suckin in my cock now Jon. Oh man it feels so good when
he tuches it with his lips. Oh gosh, wait Jon don't' go". There was a pause
of about 3 minutes during which Jon knew that Mikel was giving Anton a blow
job and making him cum."gosh Jon that was so awesome, there was so much pre-cum on his cock oh man
I love that so. I made him cum in my muth Jon, and his sperms taste so so
sweet I love it so much." Mikel typed in a rush, which was pretty typical
for the young teen, spelling errors included. preteen girls pedo "I am so way hard now from
the feelins of suckling on his boy cock Jon, I need to squirt out my sperms
soon I think. Wait". Pause, then "there I took my shorts an underware off
so Anton can play with my cock and suckle it an stuff, which he is doin
rite now. Oh wow he licked on my balls Jon, oh man I wish you were here to
see it Jon, you could suck on my balls too and maybe I could suck on your
big man cock, I would like that a lot, gosh and I would want you to go in
me with your big hard cock,"he typed. "I would love to make fresh hot boy
sperms for you Jon, I would love that so so much and feelin you go in me,
oh man I know I would make tons of sperms for you Jon." Pause, then
AAAAHAAHAHHHHHHHHHHH, which Jon took to mean that Mikel had cum while
sitting at the puter talking preteen movie cunt
to him. About a half minute later Mikel
confirmed that Anton had sucked him off making Mikel pour his fresh hot
sperms in Anton's mouth. "oh man Jon I needed to do that, my sperms were
buildin up in my balls, I needed to get em out". They chattered on for a
few more minutes and Mikel said that Anton was hard preteens inces
again so Mikel was
going to sign off and go be sexy with his cute boy friend lover. They
planed to talk on Sunday black preteen cp night if possible.The naked boys flopped on Mikel's bed and began kissing and rubbing each
other, taking their time to build up to what ever was going to be
next. They were getting fairly excited, both rock hard, when the bedroom
door flew open and Jamie came in. "Mom's coming up" he whispered. The
boys had been planning on taking a shower so there were bath towels on the
dresser and Mikel jumped up, threw one to Anton and got one tied around his
own waist, just seconds before his mother came into the room. She paused
for a slight moment, taking in the room. She noticed the collection of
discarded clothing spread around the computer desk including underwear, the
rumbled blankets on the otherwise neat bed and the two boys in towels,
breathing a little rapid, and the slight bulge at the front of the towels,
particularly on Anton whose hard cock had slipped a little and was tenting.
Mikel's mother was considered "cool". She seemed to understand boys and
allowed her boys to experience the freedom that they needed. She had
suspected for some time that there was some sexual play going on between
Mikel and Anton and maybe even Jamie, but chose not to mention it, knowing
that it was a normal boyhood process and her son would discuss it with her
if and when he needed to." So sweetie," she said to Mikel, "how was your evening". Mikel told her
they had walked by the lake and came home. They were going to take showers
and go to bed. "Aahhhhh she said. "Plans for tomorrow" she asked. Mikel
said they had a soccer game at eleven and hi mother said she would take him
and watch the game with them.After she left, the boys all relaxed and Jamie pointed to Anton's towel and
said, "I wonder if she was your hard cock Anton" and the boy looked down at
the protrusion at the front of his towel. "oh man" was all he could
say. With the bedroom door closed, both boys dropped their towels to reveal
softening teen cocks. Getting caught by mother will do nnude preteen pics that to a boy
generally. Jamie preteen american models
asked if hardcore very preteen he could join them, and both boys said yes, so
the younger boy took all of his clothes off as well. Mikel noticed again,
how big his cock was. He and Anton has discussed Mikel's little brother
and felt that he would pedo rompl preteen
be making sperms soon enough and that his cock was
probly gonna get really big pretty soon too since it was already good sized
for such a little guy. Jamie got hard pretty fast just seeing the older
boys naked and knowing what was likely to happen. He already had pre-cum
drooling out of his hard cock as all three boys headed for the bed.

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