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Subject: MinotaurRuler,Gay SF/Fantcy, Chap 27, Alone It was awhile before Sage and the others felt good enough to
function close to normal. Tork was patient, enjoying the sight of his new
brother, Kag and Marko suffered together and comforted each other. Sage
was learning very quickly about friendships and how things could be.
Finally Tork decided it was time to move on and finish their journey, now
that girls 16 years xxx they were so very close to the end. "COME. SAGE IT IS TIME FOR US TO GO. YOU OFFERED TO GUIDE US TO
JOURNEY." Tork said as he pulled each one out of the pond. "How much of anything will we need? Do we know how much farther we
must travel?" Kag asked. "It is not far Kag. If we leave very soon and do not delay on the
way, we will reach sight of God's Fire by morning" Sage said with his arm
around Kag's shoulder. "Then it is time we did leave, and as quickly as we can" Marko
said. Marko and Kag went to collect what they thought teens 16 years hardcore they may need.
Marko reminded Kag they had to journey back, so they would take enough for
the short trip to God's Fire and the return to Sage's lair. Marko and Kag
quickly had the supplies they needed for the trip. "All is panty 15 years nude
ready Tork. We are prepared now. Are we to return free twelve year lesbians to Sage
when we are on our way home?" Marko asked Tork. "WE WILL RETURN TO SAGE ON OUR WAY HOME. HE WILL THINK OF MY OFFER
FOR HIM TO JOIN US AND LEAVE THIS LAND" Tork said, hugging the shoulder of
Sage. "If you are ready, then we should go now. I will take you to the
foothills of God's Fire. I will wait for your return here. I wish you
great success and the blessings of the 14 years sex picture
gods that they grant you their
favor" Sage said. Sage led the way and began quickly walking through the woods.
Marko followed and Kag was picked up by Tork and put over his shoulder. Cytis was approaching the lands of Sage from the north. 15 years teens nude He stopped
to view God's fire, an impressive teen porn 14 years sight. Glowing red in the sky and dark
billowing smoke rising high into the air. Cytis knew what it was as all
demi-gods knew of God's Fire. It was known to them all as the center of
power and gift of the gods. He 12year old pornography
watched for awhile and turned into the
woods. He found a good spot as he walked to rest. There was a stream,
fruit trees and small game around. He hunted and caught several small
animals. He returned to the spot he chose and laid down in the stream,
enjoying his catch, the fruit, and the feel of the cool flowing stream on
his body. Tork and Sage decided it best to keep traveling through the woods
through the night. Kag was the only one that was having a problem seeing
in the middle of the darkness. Marko couldn't see and sense as well as
Sage or Tork, but enough to keep from falling over objects or running into
trees. They traveled quickly since Kag was over Torks shoulder. Sage
offered to carry Kag. Tork smiled and knew Kag would enjoy the feel and
touch of Sage, so he agreed. Sage lifted Kag over his shoulder. Tork
moved Sage's hand onto Kag's ass cheek, showing him how it was easiest to
hold Kag safe. Kag bent himself up and looked teen 14 year pic at Tork, saw him smiling a
wicked smile and relaxed on Sage. He playfully slapped at Sage's ass 12year porno pictures cheek
and said "Onward". Sage stopped and slapped Kag's ass and said "We are".
Marko and Tork laughed as they began the fast pace again. It was just getting to be sunrise when Cytis heard noise coming
towards him. He knew it was the sound twelve years girls porn of hoofs moving quickly through the
woods, at least 3 creatures. 2 were heavy, schoolgirl 16 years nude he assumed large. He sniffed
the air and smiled as he was down wind from them. He looked around and
choose a spot, covered with thick brush and rock to hide himself. He never
made any rash moves without calculating the best option first. He heard
the 15 year girls free sounds getting louder. He sniffed hard into the breeze and caught the
scents of Tork, Marko, Sage and Kag. He knew 2 of the scents were
minotaur, but couldn't place the other 2. He knew sex teen 16 years it was not a normal
occurrence for 2 minotaurs to be traveling with other creatures. Now he
was more curious then anything else. He kept watching in the direction the
sounds were coming from. Then he saw Sage come through the woods, followed
by Marko and then Tork with Kag sixteen year teen pussy over his shoulder. Tork had taken Kag off
of Sage's shoulder when Tork noticed Sage had slowed down the pace. Tork
knew Sage was not sure of the feelings from Kag's body teen 13 years xxx and his feeling his
ass cheeks and back all the time. Cytis was very taken by the first minotaur. He was young, mostly
hairless, well muscled and looked powerful and strong. The satyr 17 year nude girls was
smaller, but well muscled and had a hairy body. The last minotaur was a
bit shorter then the first, but hairy and obviously very proud, powerful
and strong. Cytis recognized the ass and legs over the last minotaurs
shoulder as those of a human. This was indeed an odd group. Cytis waited
patiently and quietly as the party moved quickly past him. He had a good
look at the human over the shoulder of the minotaur, as the human lifted
himself up and was playing and laughing with the minotaur. Strange indeed.
Something more was going on here then a minotaur having a human for
pleasures. Then there was the satyr with 2 minotaurs, something not of the
ordinary by any means. Cytis was truly curious now. He watched them from his hiding place, a good vantage spot to keep
them in his sight for awhile. He followed the direction they were heading
at a non-nude 16 years
quick pace and looked ahead. They were heading straight towards God's
Fire. What could they possibly be going there for. A sacrifice of the
human and satyr? That wasn't a normal thing for minotaurs either. None of
the demi-gods practiced much of any sacrificing to the gods. Cytis decided
to follow them at a very safe distance, trying to observe them. Sage came through the thick woods and stopped. He stood looking
straight ahead and up towards the sky. Marko came behind him, almost
running into Sage's back. He moved around Sage and then he too was looking
up towards the sky. Tork rusian sexy 14 years almost knocked the 2 of them down as he was
walking at a fast pace. He moved next to Sage and saw why they had stopped
and were looking at the sky. He put Kag down and turned him around. There,
before them, was God's Fire. It was unmistakable. A mountain, reaching up
to the sky, glowing in an ever changing orange color glow; large billows of
dark clouds moving up out of it and spreading out as far as one could see. Sage turned towards Marko and Tork and said "I leave you hear.
There is your fate my brothers. I wish you well. Continue going straight
and you will see the path you will have to take". Marko hugged Sage and Sage licked Marko's face. Kag wrapped his
arms around Sage's waist and hugged him as Sage wrapped his arms around
Kag's shoulders and back, pulling him tight to his body. Tork came to Sage
and they put their heads on each other's shoulders, tight into the neck and
hugged tight. Kag was almost crushed by the force of their embrace. He
slid himself out years 16 porno from between them. "I will wait for you my brother. May your want be fulfilled" Sage
said. "THANK YOU MY BROTHER. girls 14 years
I WISH. WE WILL RETURN TO YOU." Tork said, licking Sage's face. Tork put his arm around Kag's and Marko's shoulders and moved
towards the illegal teen years old
mountain. Sage stood and watched them until they seemed to be
swallowed by the woods at the foot of the mountain. Cytis was watching all
of this and was confused. He witnessed the display of affection all of
them had for each other and yet, they left the younger minotaur behind.
Cytis knew the minotaur 14 years teen galleries would return as he came, so he moved himself to be
able to easily take the minotaur russianteen 14 year old by surprise. He liked the look of him and
his hard, dripping cock told him he would enjoy this one. Sage walked slowly, already missing Tork, Marko and Kag. He had
already made up his mind as he watched them walk to the mountain, that he
would leave his territory kidsporn 12 years old
and go with Tork. He felt he had to, as if it
was fate he met them and 16 year fuckpics Tork beat him. He felt more lonely now, since he
knew what it was like having their company and affections. He liked them
very much. It meant much to him to be called brother by Tork. He was not
thinking of anything but of the 3 of them and hoped Kag would somehow
become as Tork wished. He was thinking that as something powerful slammed
across his back and he went smashing to the ground. He turned over quickly to see a giant of an ogre standing near him,
smiling, with a hard dripping cock. The ogre was indeed massive. Sage
couldn't help but admire the look of power and strength from the massive
muscles, bulging and flexing on this giant. The ogre was staring at Sage
and motioned with his fingers for Sage to come to him. He wanted a fight.
Sage remembered the result of his charging Tork and decided he needed
another approach with this one. "Who is it that challenges Sage in his own territory?" Sage said as
he lifted himself and flexed and took a defensive posture. "It is Cytis, your new lord and master, who has taken this
territory, minotaur." Cytis said calmly in a very deep, booming, forceful
voice. "I have no lord and master Cytis. And you have not taken anything
from me yet" Sage said in as much of an authoritative voice he could. Cytis laughed and laughed. He slapped his sides and abs hard with
his massive arms. He showed Sage what he was up against by stretching out
his arms and flexing his massive biceps, flexing his pecs and bringing his
arms down tight, naked 15year teens making his shoulders and neck bulge with huge, hard
muscle. Sage had to control his eyes and snout at the sight of Cytis'
display. Sage knew this would be no easy fight. Cytis motioned again to
Sage to come to him. Sage began to move towards the left and Cytis didn't
move. He simply turned slowly so that he was always facing Sage. Cytis
was noting every move of Sage's muscles. He was already picking out the
areas he would weaken teen 15 years free
and use to force Sage into submission. Sage moved
back towards the right. Cytis lashed out quickly with his arm and slapped
the horn on Sage's left side. Sage felt his head jerk from the force of
the slap. He had no doubts of the power and strength of this ogre. He
changed direction again and moved back to the left. Cytis lashed out his
arm and slapped Sage on the snout. Sage felt the sting from that slap. Cytis again just kept smiling, making a motion with his hands for
Sage to come to him. Sage decided to strike out with his fist and when
Cytis moved to dodge the fist, he sexgirl 14 years
would strike with his hoof. Sage lashed
out, but Cytis grabbed Sage's wrist with one hand, quickly turning it hard.
Sage had his hoof in motion and Cytis grabbed his leg above the hoof mid
air. He had one of Sage's arms and legs in his tight grip. He bellowed a
loud deep sound as he swung his body around, carrying Sage with him. Sage
was off the ground and flying in the direction Cytis turned his body. Sage
felt the trunk of the tree Cytis slammed him into. He almost lost his
breath from the force of the hit. Cytis let go of his leg, but held his
arm by the wrist tight and twisted. He didn't give Sage time to recover.
He jerked hard to pull Sage to his feet, pulling and twisting his arm hard
up. Cytis hit the side of Sage with his knee several times before Sage was
flipped hard over Cytis' back and slammed hard to the ground. He let out a
moan of pain. Cytis let go of Sage's arm and pulled him up by his horns. He held
Sage by one horn as he slammed his arm hard across the face and head of
Sage several times. Sage's face hurt and his eyes were tearing heavily,
making it difficult for him to see. He felt himself falling down to his
knee. Cytis still had hold of his horn. Sage then felt Cytis' hand on his
face, except his hand was full of dirt and pebbles. He was rubbing it hard
into Sage's eyes and face. Sage tried to grab the wrist of Cytis, but as
soon as Sage's arm moved to grab the wrist, Cytis slammed his arm hard
across Sage's face again and again. Now Sage 12 years porno movies couldn't see and his face was
in pain. Cytis grabbed Sage's arm again, twisted it hard and slammed his
knee into Sage's side several times. Sage reached his free hand to his
side, trying to protect it from more blows. Cytis lifted Sage from the
ground by his twisted arm and jerked it up and behind Sage's head. He held
it there with his other hand and pulled Sage tight to his body. Sage could
feel the hard muscles of Cytis and the bulging of his pecs and arms. Sage
felt the pain in his side as Cytis' fist slammed over and over again into
Sage's side. Cytis then put his hand under the elbow of Sage's arm held
behind his young nude 13 years head and put his knee on top of the knee Sage had bent, his
other on the ground. He let out a loud deep bellow as he pushed hard up on
Sage's arm and pushed down on his leg. The side of Sage that Cytis had
pounded teen fuck 16 years felt like it was being ripped apart. Cytis was putting hard
pressure, stretching the side muscles of Sage, already damaged by his
pounding. Sage bellowed out in pain. Cytis jerked hard several times,
Sage sure his skin was ripping on his sides. Cytis let go of the arm and stepped away from Sage. Sag fell face
first to the ground, holding his side, moaning in pain. Cytis reached down
and lifted Sage up by his neck, holding his hand tight on Sage's throat.
Sage's hands grabbed for the wrist of Cytis, trying to pull his nudism 12-year pics hand away.
Cytis opened his other hand and swung it far back and let it fly hard
forward, his palm slapping hard into Sage's balls. Sage gasped and then
started young teen 16years old
bellowing in pain as Cytis closed his hand hard on Sage's balls and
squeezed and pulled. He squeezed his hand on Sage's throat harder. Sage
was having a hard time taking in air with his throat being squeezed shut
and the pain of his balls being smashed demanding 17 years pic nude more air as he gasped. Cytis watched Sage's eyes bulge and get very wide and big. Sage's
tongue was sticking out and he was gasping, trying to bellow in pain, but
nothing much was coming out of his throat. Cytis lifted Sage into the air
and slammed him hard to the ground. Sage reached for his throat and 10 year old handjob balls,
both demanding his attention. He choked and gasped and moaned in pain.
Cytis reached down and wrapped his arm under the thigh of Sage. He pulled
Sage tight to his body and lifted him off the ground, his 2 arms locked
tight under the thigh. Sage screamed as it felt as if his leg was being
broken, his thigh being ripped apart. His own weight was pulling him down
as Cytis was jerking him up. Cytis jerked his leg hard as he moved around,
bouncing Sage's body up and down as he moved. Sage could feel his thigh
muscles ripping and thought his thigh 14 years foto girl bone was going to snap. Cytis let go of Sage and let him fall 16 years fucking girl hard to the ground. Sage
grabbed for his leg, trying hard to rub out the cramps that raged
throughout his thigh and hip. He knew it would be impossible for him to
stand now. Cytis grabbed Sage's arm and pulled and twisted it hard. He
pulled Sage off xxx fucking 17 years
the ground, slamming his knee hard several times into the
other side, he didn't damage before. He jerked Sage up and put Sage's arm
behind his 16 years porno girls
head. He pulled Sage close to his body and began slamming his
fist and pounding his forearm hard into Sage's side. Sage bellowed in pain
from the blows and the pain in his leg. He thought Cytis wouldn't stop
pounding his side. Then he felt the ground hitting him hard as he was let
go and fell. Cytis stood over him and looked Sage over. He smiled and
grunted as he pulled Sage up by his horns. He leaned Sage against his body
and slammed his arms around Sage, putting him in a vicious bear hug. Sage
screamed porno 14 year in pain as he felt 14-year old naturist the massive hard arms of Cytis slam and then
crush him. His sides were feeling as much pain as his back. He was not
able to petite 9 years nudes
breath very much as Cytis' arms were squeezed tight and he was
against his body. Sage tried with his arms to pound onto Cytis' head, but
that just hurt his forearms, as nudist children fuck year
Cytis' head was very hard, thick bone.
Cytis had his head tight against Sage's body as he jerk squeezed harder and
harder. porn 12 year olds He let loose of Sage and pics of 13-year-old nudists
then slammed his arms around again
tighter and harder. He did this several times, Sage gasping for breath and
bellowing in pain with each new crushing squeeze. Cytis licked Sage's snout. He looked at Sage hanging in his mighty
grip and asked "Does Sage submit to his lord and master Cytis?". Sage shook his head as he said "NO". Cytis smiled. He jerked hard, shaking Sage back and forth in his
arms like a dead animal. Sage's arms flew up and he nudes girls 16 yeares
bellowed, the pain was
much worse then before. Cytis then let go and Sage fell to the ground.
Cytis again wrapped his arms behind Sage's thigh and lifted him into the
air. Sage was bellowing in pain, his thigh in spasms of pain and cramps.
Cytis let one of his arms loose and slammed it hard into Sage's thigh,
balls and abs. He released the leg and when Sage hit the ground, Cytis
kicked hard into one side then the other of Sage. Cytis pulled Sage up 14-16 yearspussy
by his horns again and slammed his arms around
Sage's waist again. Sage screamed and bellowed in pain. Cytis then bent
forwards as he flexed and pumped his biceps and pecs. It caused severe
pain in Sage's sides and back. 13 year old nudegirls Then Cytis turned Sage around, grabbed him
by his neck and balls and lifted him above his head. He brought Sage
crashing down on his side, across Cytis' knee. Cytis stood and Sage hit
the ground. Cytis put his foot across the throat of Sage and asked "Does Sage
submit to his lord and master?" Sage couldn't breath, let alone say anything. He knew he lost and
fighting any teen porno 13 years more, would be useless and just cause more damage. Cytis took
his foot off of Sage's throat and pulled him up by his horns again,
slamming his arms tight around Sage. Sage bellowed and screamed in pain. In the midst of his screaming , he yelled "I SUBMIT LORD". Cytis jerked hard a few times, just to make sure. Sage kept
yelling in pain the same thing. Cytis smiled. He had a minotaur now. He
put Sage down on the ground and stood over him, his legs on each side of
Sage. He knelt down, his knees forcing Sage's arms out and his cock right
by Sage's mouth. Sage's eyes burned and tears were flowing, trying to clear
the dirt Cytis rubbed in. Things were blurry, but Sage could not miss the
large blur in front of his face. "Take your lords nectar Sage. You are for my pleasure" Cytis said
in a deep loud voice. Cytis held his cock and wrapped his hand around the top of Sage's
snout. He squeezed until Sage licked his cock. The more Sage licked, the
more ooze flowed out of Cytis' cock. Cytis looked to the sky and bellowed
a loud deep sound of pleasure and victory. He pushed his body forward and
rammed his cock deep into the throat of Sage. Sage had to 16 years girls bikini suck and lick to
breath. Cytis stood up, looking at Sage's body on the ground, his tongue
licking his lips and looking for more ooze from Cytis. The ooze was having
a strong affect on Sage, even though he was still in much pain. He felt
his legs being lifted, making him scream from his damaged thigh being 15 years fuking girls
up. He felt Cytis' wet cock at his ass and then felt the tip moving inside
him. Cytis held his cock there as Sage's ass muscles tightened around it.
Sage felt a pain growing in his ass as the cock of Cytis was very large.
His ass was almost moving on it's own, trying desperately to force it out.
Cytis moved his cock in further and further, until the entire cock was 12year old porno girls
inside Sage. He let Sage's ass muscles squeeze and pulse on it, causing
more ooze to flow. Sage could feel the warm feeling of Cytis' ooze running
inside him. hardcore 14 years Cytis then slammed his hands on each of Sage's 16 year old pussies pecs and
started to 16 years free pedo pump his cock in and out of Sage's ass. He upskirts 16 year old
moved with a
determination and took long slow strokes in and out. Sage was soon moaning
in pleasure as his ass adjusted to the massive cock and reacted to the
ooze. Cytis squeezed harder with his hands over Sage's pecs and began to
ram his cock harder and faster. Sage thought his pecs were going to be
ripped off as Cytis screamed out and started shooting his nectar deep into
Sage. Sage could feel the hot liquid filling him, spreading a hot feeling,
tingling into his insides. He felt light headed and flushed. He seemed to
feel weak and a strange warm pleasure spreading throughout his body. Cytis looked at Sage's body and rubbed his hands up and down Sage's
muscles. He pulled his cock out of Sage and turned around on top of Sage.
He held Sage's knees in his hands and spread them out. Sage felt Cytis'
semi-hard cock, dripping with nectar and juices from Sage's ass rubbing his
face. He teen pussy 16 years let his tongue lash out, trying to lick more nectar from nude sixteen year olds Cytis,
his body was telling him that getting more nectar of Cytis was more
important then dealing with the pain his body felt. Cytis put his face
down and took Sage's balls into his mouth and kneaded them around his
mouth. Sage could feel Cytis' tusks rubbing along his inner thighs. Cytis
smiled as he felt Sage's tongue licking at his cock, cleaning it, sucking
and licking at his balls. Sage gasped in pleasure as Cytis put his mouth
down taking all of Sage's cock into his throat. He swallowed and licked
and sucked. Sage's body started bucking and he was panting, wanting
release, even as he pushed his snout over Cytis' cock and sucked it deep
into his mouth. His cock started shooting globs of nectar deep into the
throat of Cytis. Cytis clamped his mouth hard onto Sage's cock and sucked
him dry. Cytis stood up, reached down and picked up Sage. He put him sex 14 years pictures over
his shoulder. Sage was in a pleasure high and weak. He was in pain and
pleasure at the same time. He could feel the massive bicep of Cytis
against his ass cheek as Cytis walked young naked girls-13 years towards Sage's lair, following the
trail Tork and the others made. Cytis kept walking through the night till
after daybreak, he saw the stream and pond. He lowered Sage into the pond,
letting his head go under the surface, washing out the dirt, now mud, from
Sage's eyes. Cytis washed himself, then washing Sage when he was finished.
Sage's pain was getting worse. As Cytis was washing Sage, Sage, in very much pain, noticed Cytis
was not being rough or cruel to him. The fight was over and he had
submitted, 15 year olds nudes yet Cytis didn't seem to be like Baclor. He seemed more like
Tork was after their fight. "Lord, I am in great pain. My brothers had shown me how to make a
drug that heals and makes pain leave. My healing would help me to provide
you the pleasures you seek" Sage said painfully. Cytis was curious and in a way glad there was something that would
make Sage heal. He didn't want a 10 years angel nude damaged minotaur to pleasure on. He
would normally have limited his pleasuring on Sage until he was healed. "Where is this drug you speak of?" Cytis asked Sage. "It is in my lair Lord Cytis. I will have to make the drug liquid
from pods I have in the lair. I will need a large leaf to hold the drug
liquid" Sage told him. Cytis pulled Sage close 12 year old girls to him, grasping him in his hands under
Sage's arm pits. "Show me where your lair is Sage. You will show me of
this pain drug." Sage tried to stand, but couldn't use his leg. He fell under the
water of the pond trying to get up. Cytis lifted him up by putting his
hands under Sage's arm pits. He pulled him close to him. "I will carry you to the lair. Show me in which direction we will
find your lair" Cytis said to Sage. Sage lifted his arm and pointed towards the lair. It was behind
trees and bushes, so you could not see the entrance directly from the pond.
Cytis lifted Sage over his shoulder, let him lay over it and held Sage on
by his ass cheek. Cytis squeezed and kneaded the cheek gently as he lifted
himself and Sage out of the pond. He walked in the direction of the lair. When they cleared the woods and brush, Cytis saw the opening of the
lair cave. He walked towards the entrance and slowly moved in, carefully
looking around, making sure no other animal or creature was inside. Cytis
saw the grass bed, covered with skins and furs. He thought the lair was a
bit small for his taste, but understood the young minotaur was not in
possession of many things. There were a number of plants and skins with
liquid around. fourteen year old pussy Cytis put Sage down on the bed inside the lair. Sage winced in pain
as Cytis put him down. "There are many plants in your lair. Do you not eat the flesh of
animals Sage?" Cytis asked, looking down at Sage. "I have on occasion, but have been taught by the satyr Marko the
benefit of plants for nourishment, pain and muscle development. He even
showed me plants to help the production of nectar" Sage told him. Sage pointed at different plants in the lair and told 13 years fuck nude Cytis what
they were for. Cytis walked to the plants Sage said were for pain, took a
bunch and handed it to Sage. Sage took the plants and ate them. Sage
pointed at the pods he and Marko collected, telling Cytis that they were
what produced the drug liquid. He asked Cytis for one pod. Cytis got the
pod and handed it to Sage. He handed Sage a large leaf and watched as Sage
crushed the liquid from the pod. Sage dipped his 2 fingers into the liquid
and put it in his mouth. He made it to 10 drops before he was unconscious,
his body limp and his head turned to the side. Cytis dipped his finger
into the liquid and tasted it. He felt the strong effect the liquid had.
He removed the leaf and crushed pod from the bed. He moved Sage on the bed
so that he could lay on fifteen years xxx gallery him. Cytis laid on 15-year-old erotic picture
his side, almost on top of
Sage's side and felt the muscles on Sage. He looked at him closely as he
relaxed and fell asleep. Cytis woke when he felt Sage stirring. He watched Sage stretch his
body, apparently no longer in pain. He put his hand on the damaged side of
Sage and rubbed his fingers hard into the muscle. Sage jerked, laughing at
the feeling of Cytis' fingers at his side. Cytis smiled and put his hand
on Sage's thigh, kneading the thigh muscle. Sage did not react as if he
was in great pain. Cytis was pleased he now had knowledge of a great
healing drug. "You feel no pain now Sage?" Cytis asked, holding Sage down with
his hand in the middle of his chest. "No Lord Cytis, I feel no 14 years girl porno
real pain now. Most of the damage is
healed or almost healed. I have some slight pain, but not enough to feel
damaged at all" Sage told him, looking at Cytis' face, trying to figure out
what he was up to. Cytis shook his head in understanding. He grabbed the wrist of
Sage, farthest from Cytis, as Sage stretched his arms up over his head.
Cytis held Sage's arm by the wrist as he moved his fingers over all of
Sage's arm muscles. He felt down to his wrist, his forearm, his bicep and
pit. He moved his hand down across Sage's abs and up to his pecs. He bent
his head down and licked and nibbled at Sage's nipple. Sage moaned in
pleasure. Cytis kneaded Sage's pecs as he continued to lick, suck and bite
gently at 14 years porn gallery the nipple. Sage couldn't help but let his tongue lick at the
head, ear and neck of Cytis. Sage turned his head to the side and licked
with long, wet strokes 16 year girls porn all over Cytis' arm pit and 13year porn shoulder. Cytis moved
his body up higher and let Sage explore his upper body with his tongue.
Cytis moved his mouth to Sage's snout, and Sage pushed his tongue 15 year tgp deep into
Cytis' mouth, doing as Tork told him to do to Kag and Marko. Cytis' eyes
got big from the pleasure feelings he was getting from Sage's tongue,
exploring his mouth and throat. Cytis let go of Sage's wrist and moved his
hand slowly down Sage's body, grabbing his balls in his hand and kneading
and squeezing naked teens 14 years
them. Sage was moaning in pleasure, his cock hard and
beginning to leak ooze. Cytis grabbed Sage's cock at the base and wrapped his fingers
around it, stroking upwards as he squeezed, making globs of ooze flow out
of Sage's cock, all over his hand, Sage's cock and balls. Cytis lifted his
hand and licked the ooze off of it. He smiled at Sage as he felt the
tingle and pleasure feeling he got from the ooze. He grabbed at the cock
again and repeated the move several times, making sure to get the ooze
covering his hand. He moved his finger to Sage's mouth, Sage licking and
sucking his own ooze from Cytis' finger. Cytis moved his hand down to
Sage's ass and inserted a finger slowly into Sage's ass. Sage moaned from
the feeling as his ass muscles tightened and pulsed around the invader.
Cytis moved his finger around and deeper, feeling the inside of Sage's ass.
His finger moved over Sage's pleasure spot and Sage moaned loudly in
pleasure and his cock bounced hard against his abs, ooze pouring out.
Cytis moved his finger around again, trying to feel where he rubbed it to
get the reaction he did from Sage. He found the spot and again, Sage
moaned loudly in pleasure, his cock bouncing hard against his abs, ooze
flowing. Cytis concentrated his finger on 14 year girls porn that spot and watched in
amazement as Sage bucked his hips, trying to get more of Cytis' ukraine years old tgp finger in,
ooze flowing so strong that it was running down Sage's cock, his abs and
down his sides. Cytis moved his finger faster and harder and Sage's body
responded wildly. He was bellowing in pleasure and licking any part of
Cytis he could reach, rubbing 10 years girls nude his abs and pecs with his own hands, pulling
and pinching and rubbing. Sage bucked his hips high, his entire body
flexed and his muscles bulged as he began to shoot his nectar. It went
flying onto his head, face, chest, abs. Cytis kept it going until no more
nectar was shooting out. He leaned his head down and 16 years boy nude slowly sucked in
Sage's cock deep into his throat, sucking out the last of Sage's nectar, as
Sage screamed and bellowed in pleasure, his body bucking wildly. Cytis licked the nectar and ooze off of Sage, savoring the feeling
and taste. His own cock was flowing with ooze and hard. He moved up his
body and pushed Sage's face towards his cock. Sage moved his body quickly
so that he could reach all of Cytis' cock, balls and ass. Cytis put his
hands behind his head and watched as Sage devoured his cock and balls,
wrapping his tongue hard around his cock, sucking it into his mouth, his
tongue holding tight, stroking up and 13 year old pussies down Cytis cock. Cytis moaned and
was in deep pleasure. He knew this minotaur was going to be a great giver
and taker of pleasures. A good choice. Sage sucked and licked making sure to not miss one drop of ooze.
Cytis pulled Sage up by his horns and kissed at Sage's lips, Sage's tongue
invading Cytis mouth and giving him great pleasure again. Sage straddled
Cytis' abs and slid his ass down on Cytis' cock, slowly taking it into his
ass. Cytis moaned in pleasure and put his hands back behind his head,
flexing his biceps and pecs for Sage. Sage reached out with his hands and
rubbed and kneaded fucking teen 13 years the muscles, feeling drawn to the power and strength
Cytis had. He pushed his ass sex porn 16 years down hard on Cytis' cock and tightened his
ass pedo sex 13 years muscles as hard as he could. He moved his ass up thirteen year old porn
and down Cytis' cock,
squeezing tight. Cytis smiled and moaned in pleasure, watching 12 years old cum
Sage give
him pleasures willingly. Cytis kept his hands behind his head and flexed for Sage as long as
he could. The pleasure was so intense, he reached out, wrapped his arms
tight around Sage, ramming his body hard down on his cock as he bellowed
out in pleasure, shooting large loads of his nectar deep into Sage. Sage
was sent into a very deep pleasure high, his own cock shooting nectar all
over his and 12 year girl fucking Cytis' abs and chest. preeteens 10 years old Cytis started moving Sage up and down,
letting Sage's ass squeezed out all of the nectar from his cock. Cytis
reached his hand pedofilia 14 years pics
down and grabbed Sage's cock, squeezing it from the base
up to the tip, lifted his hand to his mouth and licked the nectar from his
hand. He pushed Sage back on the bed, moving his body on top asian 17years old funlumpkins of Sage,
licking down his body, taking the nectar Sage shot all over. He moved his
body up so Sage could lick his body clean. Sage gladly licked, his tongue
wide and catching every small drop of his nectar from Cytis' body. Cytis
fell down on top of Sage, sliding his still hard cock back into Sage's ass.
Sage felt the weight of Cytis on him, rubbing his shoulders and arms with
his hands, licking Cytis' neck. Sage was in a very high pleasure state and
closed his eyes, his breathing in sync with Cytis'. Seb and the boarmen reached the camp. Tag went into Rog's hut and
told him they had returned. Rog moved Raymar off of his body and went to
see how Seb brought back 14 years sex jpg his slaves. Rog stood still outside the hut as he
did not see any evidence Seb had any of the slaves. "We do not have 13 year tits
them Rog. We fought with Baclor and during the
fight they 12 years old sexmovies escaped. We followed them up the stream and then lost their
trail. We went far into strange lands" Seb said, knowing Rog was about to
go into a eleven years girl nude
rage. About to was not quite right. Rog went into a wild rage, striking
out hard at all of them as he stomped through them. Seb was not even
spared. Rog was furious and screaming as he slammed all 17 years old fuck of them till they
were all on the ground. He reached down and grabbed a boarman, squealing
from fear, by the throat and lifted him off the ground. He grabbed at the
balls and slammed him hard onto the ground. He kicked another and then
grabbed Arg. Arg was tough and would not show any fear or pain. Rog
pulled him up by his tusk and slammed him hard across his shoulder several
times. Arg wanted to strike back, but knew he would regret that very much.
He decided to just take the pain and use it as training. It was good to
control pain and not give into it. Rog did foto teen 12 years his best to test Arg's resolve.
He slammed hard over and over again into Arg as he held his tusk high and
tight. Rog kicked hard at Arg's balls and Arg let out a squeal and went
down. Rog was dripping with sweat and still had that maddened look about
his face. Rog pulled Seb up by his tusk and pulled him up to his face. He
had his face up to Seb's as he screamed at Seb. "You and these useless
pigs will go and find them and not return until you find them and take
them. Do not think to return to this camp without them, unless you all wish
to wait for the deep sleep in more pain then you have felt ever." Seb's eyes were bulging, knowing he was very close to some deep
damage and pain. He knew years 12 pics nude
Rog would not make idle threats. Seb didn't like
the sound of spending the time till his deep sleep in constant pain. "We will go and do as you command Rog. We may need weapons to help
take them. The fight with the ogre Baclor was fierce and it took all of us
to force him off. If we all had weapons, it would have been different. We
could have at least brought you Baclor" Seb said quickly. Rog calmed down some, thinking about what Seb said. He hadn't had
an ogre in ages. That might be a good addition to his slave group. If
weapons would help Seb to bring his slaves back, he would have them. Rog told Seb to take what weapons he needed and whatever supplies
he wanted. He was to leave the camp for the hunt tomorrow. He could us
Tog for his pleasure and Bog if he wished, but he was not to know pleasures
with Raymar until the other slaves were returned. The human Kag was the
most precious prize and Seb was told he was not to be damaged in any way. Seb understood. He told the others to gather the supplies, hunt
for food and enjoy their night, since it was the last they would spend in
camp until they had the slaves. He nonude 12 year links told them to pick a weapon 14year old teenager pussy and he would
show them how to use it. He told them that they would have pleasures with
the minotaur Bog tonight, all of them, and they could use Tog as well if
they wished. Arg smiled at that, he had a number of scores to settle with
Tog. Tork was very careful to sniff the air and listen carefully for any
scents and sounds as they walked up the trail to God's Fire. porn pics 12-16 years The sound of
the roar from the mountain was getting louder and he could feel the
rumblings of the earth beneath his hoofs. Tork didn't feel fear, but he
was uneasy, unsure of what was ahead of them. Marko pressed forward, making himself ignore the building fear from
the rumbling earth beneath his hoofs and the smells coming from the
mountain. It wasn't long before the trail no longer was in between trees,
only bushes and shrubs were around them. He was curious as to why trees
didn't grow from here on up the mountain. The trail had gotten steeper and
more and more rocky. The air was hot and the breeze was hot, carrying a
smell of sulfur and an unknown smell. Marko could see the fear in Kag's
face. Kag stayed close to Tork and tried to not show his fear. His xxx 14years old porn
body gleamed with sweat, which was pouring from his body. Tork wanted to
hold Kag tight, as he saw and smelled the fear of Kag. He did not as Marko
told him that this part of the journey required Kag to go on his own power,
no one could make the journey easier for him from now on. It was very hard
for Tork to follow that guidance from Marko, he hated to see Kag have any
pain, whether physical or mental. They kept going, only to rest to eat
what plants they brought and some fruit.
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