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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 19:20:38 -0700
From: Scott Lockhart
Subject: my ilegal photos under 16
girlfriend made me do it- chapter 21 As I 40 plus threesome tube
have already explained to several anxious readers who have emailed me
recently, wondering why I am so insultingly late, I apologize. My due date I
foolishly placed right after holiday break, and it was pretty rough for me
personally, emotionally and physically, as I had been trying to work as much
overtime as I could so that I can get some bills paid off and save for a new
car. Also, when I went back home to see my family for the holidays, there
was very little time for me to sit by myself at a computer for hours,
without one or all of my siblings putting me in a headlock and wrestling me
away for my attention.
After that, this whole semester has been one horrible blur of work, school,
and studio, which for those of you who don't know is architecture jargon for
dungeon. My breaks have been few and far between, and my relationships with
many of my friends have deteriorated. I hope I haven't lost too many readers
in my long sabbatical, but I can assure you that things are getting a little
lighter as the semester comes to a close, and I should have a few spare
moments here and there to continue on. I have some exciting stuff coming up.
If truth be told, I actually had quite a bit written on chapter 1 hot wife the due date, but I
deleted it all, almost 7 pages, because it wasn't where I wanted to go. This
story is a very huge part of me, and a part of who I want to be. I'm not
much of a writer, but I do enjoy it, and it's been one of my only escapes
from how lonely and pathetic I've been feeling lately. I envy Austin,
because he has something I don't have, to guide him through the dark void of
loneliness and expectation. He has someone who loves him, someone he can
always turn to in times of need, and in times of pain and reflection. If
only life were as kind as I have been to Austin.I must warn you, this addition is extremely long. At least twice as long as
my usual additions, which is probably good since its been so long since I
last updated. I considered cutting it in half, but I just couldn't find a
place 12yo non nude cuties to do it, so you'll just have to read it in installments or something.I have also given up on my release date idea. Making this hobby of mine a
mindless chore akin to changing the air filters every month sucks the fun
out of it, so you'll just have to be patient and wait.What I will do is start putting everyone who emails about this story in a
list, and I'm going to start saving everyone's email addresses to it. I've
only been in touch with a few readers regularly, and you know who you are.
As for the rest of you, I've deleted most of your names and replies, so
you'll have to send me a fresh email so I know you're there, and once I have
a sufficient list, I can reply to everyone at once to let them know when
I've updated. I'll put "girlfriend update" in the header. All you have to do
it email me at scottiescothotmail.com. Try and put the story title in the
header, because my email has just been hit by way too many junk emails
lately, I might filter your thoughts out of my inbox. That said, enjoy my
four months of work:Chapter 21 I am loita illegal porn 15 seeing the red sun setting across the ocean, and I seem to be slowly
moving further and further away from it. Although there aren't any clouds, I
can see dark purple tinges at the edge of the sky as the sun makes its
solitary decent into the western horizon. Since I can see no land around me,
and can offer no reason why I feel as if I am moving backward, I assume that
I'm on a boat, somewhere out to sea. I see a railing in front of me, and it
satisfies my confusion.
Like I'm in a fog, details start to come towards me through the mist of my
still adapting mind. Although I can clearly see the sunset and the calm,
blue water, I can't seem to see anything close to me. I can't even see
myself, my own body. For all I know I'm a pair of eyeballs floating over a
railing looking at the sun as it sets, and my eyes are attached to some sort
of wire that is pulling them back. How ironic that staring directly into the
sun is bad for the eyes.
"Austin?" says someone next to me. The voice echoes. I turn (or my eyeballs
rotate) to see a familiar, happy face. Josh is sitting next to me, with
sunglasses on. Always prepared.
His beautiful white grin greets me, and he says something else, but I
didn't quite catch it. I try to say "what", but since I'm just a pair of
eyeballs, I can't utter a single word. Josh laughs as if I have answered
him, then mouths something else but I still can't seem to hear him. His
laugh drowns out the words, as it echoes between us. I try to talk, but I
just can't hear my own voice. I try and scream, to at least hear something,
but there is no more sound. Am I mute? I try desperately to plead to him to
forgive me for not answering him with my eyes, because I can't seem to say
what I want to say the most.
I start to get agitated, frustrated. What is wrong with me? Why can't I
speak to Josh? I can't even open my mouth, to move my lips to form the words
that I want to say so badly. Something is in the way...suddenly I discover
that I mallu sex 3gp
am not just a pair of eyes, I can see my body below me, a flowery lei
ringing my neck. I can't feel my hands, and I can't use them to reach up to
see if I still have a mouth. I twist and writhe, trying vainly to shout,
grunt, do something, but still, nothing.
Josh says something, and I vaguely hear his voice through the vast silence
that seems to have surrounded me. He says, "What's wrong?" It echoes, as if
he is speaking from very far away. Though at first elated that I can hear
him again, I am now desperate to answer him. What's wrong? What's wrong is I
can't speak, I can't open my mouth and tell you how much I love you I say
furiously in my mind, but it's no use. Josh is no psychic. He can't hear me,
and he looks at me, concerned. He mumbles something else, but I can't hear
that either. It's like someone put up a glass wall between us.
Suddenly, I hear some kind of music, which appears from nowhere. The tunes
are at over 30 naked tori first familiar, if annoying, beat box rhythms, but it grows louder,
the bass drowning out the harmony, the melody shrilly interrupting the song.
The noise becomes unbearable, the piercing notes blurring into a cacophonous
roar. I can't 12yo strippin
see where the music is, and I can't use my hands to cover my
pleading ears. I turn to Josh in panic, begging him to turn off the music,
but he seems utterly unaware. He is still looking at me tenderly, and the
music drowns out his words of comfort. Tears sting my eyes as the loud notes
threaten to ruin my eardrums, and I can't seem to protect myself.
Please, Josh. Help me. I beg, pleading him with my eyes. Josh looks at me
sadly. He doesn't know what's going on. How could he? He must think I'm not
talking because I am angry with him. He turns his head away. NO!!!
In a desperate leap of faith, I thrust out and discover that my hand is
still attached. I use it to try and get Josh's attention again, stretching
out my fingers as far as they can go. I try and turn his head, and cup his
face, look into his eyes and hope that that would suffice for my lack of a
mouth. But when I reach out, I see him start to slide away, moving 40 weeks pregnat
back. I
reach out further, but the longer I reach, the further away he becomes,
until I can hardly see him anymore. My arm stretches like a piece of taffy,
but Josh seems to stay just a few inches ahead of it. He's a speck in the
distance now. Now he's gone. * * * My eyes popped open and I jumped up in a panic. Sweat was pouring down my
forehead, and I was breathing heavily. For a minute, I thought I really HAD
been somehow dismembered in the night, as I couldn't move my arms for a
second, before I realized they had become entangled in the sheets. I yanked
myself free, my heart rate still rivaling a coronary.
Josh? Where was Josh? I thought suddenly, quickly looking around me in
panic. I couldn't feel him next to me, though I remembered gripping him so
tightly last night, afraid of letting him go. Pieces of the dream were
drifting back from my subconscious. I stupidly felt around the bed for him,
as if he was hidden underneath the sheet, but I came up empty. I shook my
head furiously to bring myself back to reality.
The room was still dimly lit, a sunbeam peeking through the hastily closed
curtains across the room from the bed. The dark curtains couldn't really
hold out all the light, and I guessed it to be relatively late in the
morning. The blankets were tangled and on the floor, and it took all of two
seconds searching the room to figure out Josh was nowhere to be found.
"Josh!" I shouted, scrambling out of bed. I breathed a sigh of relief that
I was able to hear myself. That dream was just a little bit too intense, I
thought. I jumped into some underwear (I hadn't worn anything to bed) and
quickly crossed into the master bathroom. No Josh.
I shoved open the double doors of the bedroom and blinked for a second at
the bright light blazing into the living room area from the uncovered
windows. 1way2sex
I quickly glanced around as my eyes adjusted to the light, and
finally realized that Josh was not in the hotel room. I was all alone.
My shoulders sunk, and I had to grab the edge of the mini bar in the
kitchen for support, but it wouldn't help the sudden sense of loss that I
felt in my heart, the emptiness and abandonment, even though Josh probably
had just stepped out to grab a paper or get some coffee or buy a banana or a
hundred other mundane things people do in the morning.
I shook my wrist, as my watch was all turned around, the face on the palm
side. It was nearly eleven thirty, and with a sigh I realized that it was
too late for Josh to still be around. He had to be at rehearsal at ten. I
actually felt a physical pain in my chest, a sharp stabbing in my side that
tripled my heartbeat and made porno under 16
me feel as if I had just run a marathon. It
was an awful feeling, because it was coupled with the realization that I
would not get to see him today until the sun actually had set.
My racing pulse I guess could've been attributed to the vivid dream I had
just had, but something else was there...some piece of something not
tangible. It scared me.
I missed him more than a dying desert wanderer misses a cool glass of
water, more than a nudist ru 16yo lonely, snowed in boarding student misses summer. Even
more than the Red Sox miss the exhilaration that comes with a World Series
I deserved just a few more days, didn't I? A few more days like last night,
to just sit and talk about everything under the sun? A few more days to
watch him, a few more days to make him smile? A few more days without having
to wait backstage or behind a curtain for him to finish giving himself to
the world? A few more hours just to sit with him and talk with him and watch
the time go by. With him. I deserved that. He deserved that. Why did he have
to be a damn singer? I sure knew how to pick them. I always picked someone
who had almost no time for me.
A loud rapping on the door ceased my inner reflection, and I quickly pulled
on a pair of shorts that was lying on the floor before I slowly, soberly
walked over to the door. It was probably some hotel staff. I knew it
wouldn't be Josh. Josh wouldn't be knocking. Josh knew he was welcome no
matter where I was.
I pulled open the unnecessarily ornately carved wood to see a beaming Lisa
in a white bikini top and blue bandana, all set for a day of beach lounging
and sun catching. I was less than excited to see her.
"Morning sleepy head! Are you ready to have some fun in the sun?" she said
enthusiastically, giving me a wide cheerful smile. I wanted to slam the door
back in her face and spend the entire day moping in bed. Instead, I guess I
sort of grunted.
Taking the grunt as a greeting, she glided past me into the kitchenetee,
where she sat a white cardboard box and a carton of orange juice and started
setting some things up for what looked like breakfast. She was talking a
mile a minute about something, but I wasn't listening, and for all I cared
she might as well be making a neutron bomb. I shut the door softly, still
shaking myself awake.
"Today is going to be a beautiful day, I can already tell. You know how you
just wake up and think, damn. I am gonna have a great day? That's how I felt
this morning. Just look at that sun. Mmm-mmm, and it's true, too. I already
had a good time walking over here, I got a glimpse of a fine piece of hot,
tan man meat walking down the hall not more than ten seconds ago, hot damn
he looked good!" She chuckled to herself as she set to work. She appeared to
be cutting up some sort of coffee cake and pouring the juice into a pair of
plastic courtesy cups from the hotel.
"And find kids ages 12-13 they gonna be all over that sand today, so you better check yourself
before we get out there cause I'll tell J if you been keeping yo eyes to
"That's not going to be a problem," I said ruefully. I yawned, and
scratched my stomach. I only had eyes for Josh, and it was going to stay
that way.
"Whatever you say sugar, but you have no idea what you're getting yourself
into," she said, a smug smile crossing her face as she wiped the crumbs off
the counter with a stray napkin.
"I'm not 'getting in' to anything," I told her, taking a seat at the bar.
"I'm just going to hang around here all day."
"Oh no you are not, you are nude 13 thumbs going to get some color into that white ass if
I have anything to say about it!" she declared, hands on hips.
I laughed at this remark. "Last I checked, you were looking to get hooked
up with this white ass." I frowned at the crumbly, pale brown cake. It
didn't look very appetizing.
"That was before I found out you take it up that white ass," she snapped
back, grinning widely. She licked her thumb as she put the knife away.
My mouth dropped open in horror. "That was cold. Even for you. Nobody's
taken this ass," I said.
"No one yet. Give him a few more hours," she laughed.
I laughed with her, but only halfheartedly. The conversation wasn't quite
something I would discuss with someone I met barely a few days ago.
Lisa took in the lack of enthusiasm.
"Hey, that's just my mouth going off like usual. That's totally between you
and J," she said.
"It's ok. I'm having a weird morning," I said, drumming my fingertips on
the counter as I yawned. Lisa raised her eyebrows, but decided not to get
into it.
"So what's the plan, then, honey?" she said, bending down to open the mini
fridge to put away the orange juice.
"Josh said he's on camera on the main stage at 2. I can see him then."
Lisa bent her arm to check her watch, which she had purposely put backwards
so that she had to look at it palm side up. I don't know why that annoys me,
it just does. The watch 12yr latina face always has to face out for me.
"That gives us 'bout two hours to do whatever. I think we should just kick
it at the MTV spot, that way we'll be right there when they come on."
I sighed. "I really don't feel like wandering around on the beach today," I
said. Lisa looked scandalized.
"Why not?"
"Because, this sucks. I came all this gay 13 yo boy frickin way to see him, and for the
rest of the weekend, I'll get, what, five minutes a day? I've been looking
forward to this vacation for weeks!"
Lisa rolled her eyes, shaking her head at the same time so that her large
hoop earrings swayed and hit her in the face. "That's how it is, baby. You
datin' a celebrity and you have to deal with they schedules."
"I know that," I said gloomily.
"Come on, don't be Pic 12 all grumpy. You can still have a little bit of fun
before that, right? And you said you'd get to see him at 2."
I laughed dryly. "Yeah. On stage."
"He'll get a few minutes after to talk to you, it's not like he at some
stadium. That stage is small."
I didn't say anything, and just scowled. I do that 14 yo porn
a lot.
"You keep frowning like that and that pretty face of yours is gonna get all
distorted," Lisa commented, taking a piece off my coffee cake.
"I don't have a pretty face," I said absentmindedly. I took a gulp of the
orange juice.
"Like hell you don't. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of the
hottest guys here," she said. I nearly choked on my juice, and I looked up
in time to see that she was taking advantage of my drinking to run her eyes
over my body. I suddenly realized I was still shirtless.
"What was that look for?" I said, holding up the cup so that I wouldn't
spill it on me.
"What look?" she said innocently.
"That look you just gave me. You were checking me out," I said, smirking
"So? You're hot," she said, shrugging her shoulders. I couldn't believe she
freely admitted it like that. "It ain't a crime to look."
"What?" I said in disbelief.
"I said you're hot. J is lucky to have you." She shrugged her shoulders
"I'm lucky to have him, you mean," I corrected. She rolled her eyes.
"Whichever. Now hurry up and get ready so we can go see him." I gave her a
long look, wondering if she wasn't just trying to brush me off again.
She licked her lips sensuously at me, and cocked her eyebrows, teasing me. I
give up. Maybe it's better that I gave up on women...they're too damn
complicated with their mixed signals.
But seeing her look me up and down gave me an idea...
I slowly got up from my stool, a steely hard look in my eye as I held
Lisa's gaze.
"What?" she said, her brown velvety eyes opening widely in surprise.
"This beavis breaker 1-9 whores room...so...so hot," I said slowly, my hand slowly and seductively
working its way across my chest. I started rubbing my hand up and down my
body, teasing her. At first confused, her eyes settled back down to normal
as she laughed.
"Boy, what ARE you doing?" she said, shaking her head in disbelief.
I tried my best to appear sexy and seductive, my mouth half gaping open
like I'd seen people do on tv, one hand slowly making its way down my
stomach to my waistband of my shorts, the other still caressing my bare
Lisa just couldn't help herself, and she practically fell over laughing. I
stopped and pretended to be hurt.
"What?" I said innocently. "I didn't turn you on?"
In between tears of laughter, she could barely speak. She had to grip the
counter to contain herself, and she held up her other hand to stop me from
speaking while she continued to giggle. I got a little irritated. I wasn't
that bad, was I?
"You are lucky you're cute, baby, because that was...oh man, that was the
funniest thing I ever seen!" she managed to cough out.
I grumbled. I wasn't that bad, I thought. Spying my 3-d incest art
shirt from last night
dangling over the edge of the other chair, I grabbed it and shrugged it on.
"Oh, 40 percent hiv sandf
come on, don't stop now!" she said, still laughing.
"Screw you," I said. I turned to head towards the bedroom.
"Come on, don't be a drama queen, finish the show!" she called after me. I
flipped her off without looking at her, and slammed the doors.
Once confined to my room, I plopped back down on the bed, fully intent on
spending the rest of the day moping and waiting for Josh to come back.
"Moody or not, you are coming to the beach with me today. Nell is just as
busy as the other guys, and you don't see me trippin." Lisa called, sounding
like she was just outside the door.
I rolled my eyes. Of course she wasn't upset about not seeing Nelly all
day. She saw him EVERY day, they worked together. She at least got to live
in the same city as her boyfriend, while I had wait to call Josh at ten
thirty at night after practice just to hear his voice. She had no idea what
I was feeling, how dare she insist that I just shrug my shoulders and
suddenly run to the beach. I wouldn't get to spend any real time with Josh
except maybe a brief hello as he ran from his two o clock performance to his
interview at two thirty. Then after that, he was booked until 1 shemale daily
ten o clock
tonight, thanks to that little asshole scheduling director from last night.
I pounded the pillow in anger. Man that guy pissed me off so much! His
stupid whiny little nasal voice: ... "...liaisons with non-corporate
personnel will be kept at a minimum..." ... non corporate personnel my
ass... ... dip stick had obviously never been laid and didn't understand the
kinds of needs we "non corporate personnel" have... ... ...asshole, I'll non
corporate you...
Lisa knocked on the door, interrupting my flashback.
"Boy, if you think you are going to 16yo thumbs
sit in there all day and whine and wait
for your man to come back, you got another thing coming. Now get some shoes
on, we are going to have some fun!"
"I can have fun in here," I insisted.
"Like how, staring at the wall?" she said.
"I got a window." I shouted back.
"You got a window... ...gimme three seconds and I'll throw you out of
it..." I heard her mutter.
"What was that?" I shouted.
"Are you dressed in there?" she said.
"Yeah," I answered.
She burst in, still insistent on getting me to eat by carrying a piece of
her coffee cake. Had she made the damn thing? Who the hell eats coffee cake?
She plopped down on the edge of the bed and held out the food. I just
looked at it, then focused my attention at the waves crashing outside the
window, nonverbally telling her to get lost.
"Fine, don't eat. But don't think I won't throw your two hundred pound ass
over my under 15 nude loitas shoulder and carry you down to the beach. I'm a tough bitch, I'll do
it." She crossed her arms across her chest, trying her best to look as tough
as a one hundred ten pound person can be.
I scrunched up my face, trying not to smirk, but she caught it.
"Ah ha! Is that a smile I see?" she said, grinning at me. I looked away.
"I weigh one seventy five," I replied amusedly.
She laughed. "Whatever. I'll give you fifteen minutes to shower and get
ready, then I'm coming back with a crane." I nodded numbly, and watched her
leave. I guess I should be glad I had a friend like Lisa. She refused to let
me get too upset about Josh having to work. I suppose I needed that. And how
long had I known her? Three days?!?
I sighed and heaved myself out of the bed. Too lazy to bother changing out
of 13yo nonude binaries
my clothes, I found some sandals to put on, then looked at myself in the
mirror. I splashed some water on my face, but I was in too depressing a mood
to worry much about personal hygiene. Josh says I look free nude 14 15yo
better all rugged
I put away all of the bathroom stuff in my bag, then went out into the
front room and cleaned up a little from the party last night, piling all the
glasses in the sink and pushing in all the chairs. It was a pointless task
since I'm sure some hotel employee would be doing that in a few minutes
anyway. Force of habit from staying in lousy motels with the baseball team
and NOT having such luxuries of travel accommodations.
Lisa was staying a few doors down the hall, and I didn't know what else she
was expecting me to do to get ready, so I went back in to the bedroom and
stared at the unmade bed, remembering how I had watched Josh fall asleep
last night. I had held him so tight, my body had tingled at the contact my
skin made with his back muscles. I had spent almost an hour maybe, just
listening to the soft sounds of him breathing, in, then out. It gave me some
sort of comfort I guess. I was just in such awe of him, I couldn't believe
it. Yesterday had been hazardous enough, just being able to see him, but it
had ended so perfect. It had all made sense last night. I could still feel
the warmth from his body on my skin, still smell the amorous scent of his
hair, and I could still see that golden smile in my mind. Have I told you
how much I hate MTV and their stupid little corporate policies?
I still haven't told you what happened last night, have I? * * * Let's see, last I left off we were all in the pool, having a grand old
time, remember? That was bound to last.
After splashing around in the water for less than two minutes, Josh was
paged by the executive producer, who wanted them all to assemble for an
impromptu briefing at the Playa de Royale, the hotel where all the MTV
executives had set up camp. Surprisingly, us 'regular' people were invited
too, because there was a buffet or something going on while Josh and them
were working on scheduling airtime, and a party afterwards that sounded like
Content that at least Josh would be no more than one hundred feet away (I
was starting to become creepily attached to him, I know. I don't really know
what else to tell you except I wanted to always be next to him. Is that
love? )
I agreed to accompany the girls to the buffet, with the promise that I would
be rewarded with a night out (alone) with Josh afterward.
Things started out ok. Since Lisa, Sara and me all shared the same hotel,
we stayed behind while everyone else picked up all their things, changed,
and left via escorted Escalades. After I got my brief good bye hug, I had
headed over to the minibar, where I managed to find a beer that didn't look
too hoity toity or imported, and turned on the TV to catch the end of a Blue
Jays game. I had pulled on an old pair of jeans over my swimsuit, and about
forty five minutes later, Lisa popped back to my room, took one look at me,
and her jaw came undone and clattered to the floor.
She was wearing a very classy grayish tan colored dress, a nice silver
necklace and diamond earrings, her hair piled up on her head and set with
gold barrettes. She was wearing matching high heeled shoes and carrying a
small tan leather purse.
"What the hell are you doing, we have to be over there in ten minutes! You
ain't even ready yet, what is wrong witchu?" she squealed. How was I
supposed to know this was a dress up thing?
Without another word, she grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me through
the living room into the bedroom and left me in front of the closet, where
she rummaged around for a minute. Lucky josh had hung all my clothes for me.
She pulled out a pair of tan chinos and this white shirt with burgundy and
tan stripes that I never wore but for some reason I thought I might in
Cancun and my sandals.
"I didn't know, ok? I thought this was just another kind of hang out," porn comixxx 3 I
said as an excuse.
"You got any cologne?" she said, ignoring my excuse.
"Yes, its...hold on a second, ok? What is going on with you? I mean, we
barely know each other, yet you come over here and pick out my clothes?"
She sighed, then looked at me sternly for a full minute. "Well, since I
can't have you, I'll settle for being your best girlfriend, how's that?" she
said, cool as a cucumber.
"What?" I said, taken aback.
Lisa looked around, dusting her hands off on her sides, unsure if she
wanted to explain. Finally, she said, "Austin, I didn't forget the other day
at the coffee house." She looked 14 yr naked pics distantly out the window, her voice at a
much softer tone than the loud, exasperated one she had used just a second
I was standing next to the couch, holding the clothes she picked out about
ten feet away. I was again, at a loss for words
"Forget it. It's old news now, ok? It never happened, remember?" she gave
me a small smile, then chuckled slightly at her last statement.
"You know that just saying that isn't going to makes things better between
us," I finally said. What are you doing!? My mind screamed at me. Shut
Lisa looked up at me, surprised. "What do you mean?" she said
I sighed. "Look, I don't want you to go away with the idea
that I was just sort of using you to figure out some of my sexuality issues
ok?" I said.
Lisa tsked. "Why not? That's all it was, right? I was just
kind of there so you could, what, tell yoself you were going through a phase
or something?"
"That's not it." I said, even though that's exactly what it was.
"Whatever ok. Look, can I be honest with you? Can I trust you?"
I threw up my hands, as if to say, why not? All my closest friends were a
zillion miles away it seemed, why not cozy up to someone I had met less than
72 hours ago.
"I feel really weird saying this, you know, considering we hardly know each
other, but I just feel like I can be real with you. I feel closer to you
than my friends back home."
I glanced up at her. She looked serious.
"Not in a sexual way, don't worry. I'm over that... ...kind of." She
smiled, and I raised my eyebrows, still trying to figure out exactly what
she was trying to say.
"I guess its just finally meeting someone who's real down to earth and ...I
don't know...normal. It's a breath of fresh air."
"A breath of fresh air?" I repeated. I have never, ever 70 s babe been called a
breath of fresh air.
"I guess you don't really know what I'm saying..." she said, looking for
the right words. She took a seat in one of the arm chairs perched near the
windows. I stayed standing.
"I've been kickin' it in LA for almost two years now, and well...When I
first came out here... I don't know, I just had all these ideas about stars
and the glamour life, and Hollywood and everything, that I didn't even think
of how empty and fake it all is. Everyone's frontin', trying to be someone
else, or trying to impress someone, or they be expecting a camera to be
watching them all the time. Like, Nelly. I've been with him seriously for
about eight or nine months I guess, and...I hate who he's turned into." She
paused for a while.
I gaped at her, unsure of what she was saying.
"What do you mean, who he's turned into?" I said.
Lisa sighed. She fidgeted in her seat a little, restlessly avoiding
answering the question.
"He ain't the same as when I first met him. He's like, different. He treats
me different. I used to think I meant something, that we were meant for each
other or some shit, but know its like I'm nothing. Like I'm some object."
"Then dump him, " I said matter-of-factly. "You need someone to treat you
right, get rid of him."
Lisa laughed. "The boy thinks he treats me like a queen!"
"Queen of the damned maybe."
"He wasn't always like this, though. It's so weird what fame can do to you,
you know?"
I shrugged. "I guess."
"I guess I'm not really explaining myself. I was talking about how
everyone's all fake, right?"
"Nelly is fake times a million."
"'Fake times a million'? What are you, three?" I teased.
"Shut up," she said. "I'm serious. You can't even have an intelligent
conversation with him no more. I mean, don't get me wrong, he's smart, he
got a lot of opinions on a lot of sophisticated things, its just...ever
since girls 16 yr porn Nellyville went platinum...all he does is hang around with his boys
and buy clothes and cars and talk about how much money he has and how famous
he is. I mean, it was cute at first, you know. I like confident guys, but
now it's just...annoying. Yesterday he bought a platinum chain that cost
like half a million dollars, and he won't stop talking about it. He keeps it
in a 12-16 yr old nudists special velvet case that has some stupid voice activated lock on it in
his crib, with special laser guards and all this security crap straight out
of that movie the Matrix or something."
I laughed.
"Nellyville. I've heard that damn track about a 14 yo nude pics
billion times Colt 45 boobs now. He plays
all them songs nonstop all day on some internal audio system in his house. I
mean, he's a great singer, and he can bust rhymes like no one, but...He just
gets so full of himself, it's such a turn off. You know what I'm sayin?"
"You still haven't answered the question. Why are you 7yo nudist pics still with him?"
Lisa fell silent. "I do love him, I really do. He used to treat me so
sweet...god, it seems like so much has changed in such a short time." She
paused for a minute, collecting her thoughts.
"When I first met him, like a year ago, I had just gotten my internship at
Jive, and I was taking on a full course load at UCLA. Our group of interns
was set to attend some initial business meetings N'sync was having with
Nell's label, talking about putting together that Girlfriend track, right?
Justin and Nelly are tight I guess, and that meeting was trying to get
through all the legal and licensing stuff to get everything good to headline
the new track. I don't really know. But basically, at one of the breaks,
Cornell 17 porn free
comes up to me and we start talking, and he's all asking me
questions you know, like why was I interested in the music business and all
that, and I told him about me wanting to sing, and he asked me to sing
something. Just flat out, just like that. I'm like uh, well...um, I mean how
you gonna up and just ask me something like that, right? But he's got his
game goin, he's this rap star, what could it hurt? I sang a few 60 anal movie
lines, and
he said I had a beautiful voice. He said something like, nude 12-13 girls
with my looks and
talent, I could wrap Hollywood around my little finger. I just ate it all
up, man, I admit it. I was young, I fell for all that bullshit he was
saying. He told me he could get me a record contract, that I'd be getting
air time and all this shit. He's saying he'll help me write lyrics and work
the business and a whole bunch of shit that still ain't happened yet.
"Anyway, he asked me to go clubbing later that night with him and his crew,
so I'm like aight. I'm bout to hang with Nelly, everyone's all work it,
girl. That night we're hanging at the club, drinking, having a good time.
He's got his hands all over me, we're feeling the music, everything's cool.
One thing led to another, and I'm in his hotel room."
I raised my eyebrows.
"Don't even look at me like that, ok? I had a little too much to drink. It
was my own fault."
"I'm not saying nothing..." I start to protest, but she interrupts.
"The point it, it probably would have been all done like that, but we had
to work together kind of, and I had to sign confidentially agreements or
something like that, so when he avoided me like all week I felt really used,
you know? I was pissed off at that fucker for leading me on like that. I
felt like shit. He was all telling me all this shit about singing and he got
me all excited, and it was all bull. I was more mad at myself for letting
him just take me like that. First rule of being a female in LA, never
believe any man who say he goin help you 'make it'."
I nodded solemly.
"But anyway, that next weekend, he comes back up to me and tries to sweet
talk his way back into my pants, and I'm all I ain't falling for that shit
again, move on, playa. He said he sorry, he didn't mean to treat me like
some ho, and he apologized for everything he did. He said he thought we had
a connection or something, and he was feeling my game. He said he really did
think I had talent, and he hoped we could put that night behind us and be
"I didn't believe him right away, but I did say I would forget what
happened. It's not the first time some man's given me a line that I didn't
see. And he seemed straight, you know, sincere or whatever, so we said we'd
just be friends.
"We had a really good relationship going when we were friends. He's always
clowning around, he'd just crack you up. I was always laughing around him,
and he kept it up. If he weren't such a rhymer, he'd be a comedian, straight
up. The entire time he was in town, which was pretty much all semester for
me, he treated me real good, like a real friend, and he acted like a regular
guy. It was before he was so famous and everything. It was nice. He sent me
this big ol flower thing for my birthday, and it was so sweet. He was an
"I fell for him somewhere along the way. I started slacking off from school
to spend time with him, and I applied for a fulltime position at Jive when
my internship was up, just to be with him. All last summer we talked 2 sticks 1 chick almost
everyday on our cells, and he came to see me for a week before he went
touring with Ja Rule and all them, and it was the best time. Before he left,
he told me he was down with me so deep he wanted me to be the girl waiting
for him when he came back. He said he was going to be thinking about me and
only me every night, and that he wanted me more than a friend. But he asked
me first. And I told him I was in love with him. You should've seen him, his
smile got all big, his eyes got so clear. It was like the nicest memory I
have in my whole life, that one night."
I smiled. "That's like something out of a romance novel or something," I
"Shut up. It was a real nice moment, ok? Anyway, we call all summer, see
each other when we can. He took me to girls 12y porno the AMA's, and took me to Maui the
last week before school started. We were in love.
"Ever since school started back up, I've had almost no time to see him, and
when I do, he's usually performing in some other city. He only gets like two
weeks off in October, then he works all the way up until February. We didn't
even get to spend Christmas together.
"In the new year though, he released Nellyville in January. It went
platinum in a couple of weeks, hit the top of the billboards in early
February. It was his first LP, and it went straight to his head. Now,
he's...he's changed. He's not the same. All the money...it changed him. It
used to be about the music, I mean he was famous before I met him, but now
its different. He doesn't even write anymore, he spends every night out
clubbing with his friends. He doesn't listen to me, he doesn't listen to his
manager. He thinks he's king of the world right now, and I don't know how
much longer I can take it."
Then, to top it all off, he keeps trying to throw money at me, always
buying me clothes and stuff, as if I want all that. He bought me a brand new
Porsche and designer clothes and everything. And he won't take no for an
answer when I say I don't want any damn clothes. I don't need no damn
Versace, I want you, baby." She sighed.
"Now he just uses it as a weapon. He says I'm riding with him cause of all
his money, and I'm like fuck all that. I've been with you since the
beginning, I don't care about all this money shit. He don't believe me. He's
let the money change him, blind him. He's all up in the clouds now, and I
can't hardly reach him no more." Lisa sighed again, her heart full of
God damn it. Here I was, all worried and whiny about not spending time
today with josh, and Lisa just has to go and have an even deeper, serious
problem. Doesn't it suck when you think you have a problem, then you talk to
someone else who has it ten times worse?
"I'm so sorry," I under 16 porn
said dumbly. "You think you'll be ok to head out
tonight?" I said, looking her in the eye.
She smiled back. "Of course I am, like I said, I'm used to this. Now come
on. Get your ass dressed and looking pretty again and we'll head out. We're
already hella late." And just like that, she closed back up again and
substituted her pain 347 bondage movies for a smile. Some people are just hard to figure out.
I glanced at my watch as she got up to leave and saw that it was almost
eight fifty. We were due at the MTV buffet at nine. Oh well.
But no sooner had we finished talking when someone knocked at my door. We
walked out to the living room and opened it to see Sara, who looked
completely surprised to see Lisa there.
"Hey," she said to her. "I was just at your room, I was wondering where you
went, girl. We're supposed to be ready to go, what have you been doing?"
Lisa and I glance at each other. "Talking," I said.
Sara looked at me skeptically, but she didn't say anything else.
"I came over to get this boy ready, and we just kind of got to talkin'..."
Lisa said, trailing off. For some reason, it seemed very odd for her to be
here, and the truth sounded weird, as if we were hiding something.
"Ok, well are you ready?" Sara asked me.
"Um, well..." I said, glancing down at my bare chest and jeans. I was still
"Hurry up, Austin. Josh is waiting for you," she said, stressing the Josh
slightly. I looked at her, but she smiled primly back at me.
"Allright, it'll take me two seconds." I said, and quickly scooted past
Lisa into the bedroom.
I came back out after throwing on the outfit Lisa had picked out and saw
both girls standing in silence, arms crossed over their chests,
concentrating on the floor. I tried to smile winningly. Lisa wasn't the only
one who knew how to fake enthusiasm.
"Come on, ladies, we're heading to a party! Cheer up!" I said, clasping my
hands on their shoulders. Sara just glanced at my hand, and I immediately
took it off. Jeez, her time of the month or something, I thought. Damn.
I turned out the lights and made sure I had my keycard, and I followed them
to the elevator, where an armed bodyguard/chauffer was waiting to take us
down to the lobby and over to the other hotel. None of us were talking much,
and I decided it was just as well. I was looking forward to later this
evening with Josh too much to care.
The city would've been gorgeous at night were it not for the droves of
college kids at every street corner laughing and drinking and making asses
of themselves. You could see all the stars and everything, and the lights of
the boardwalk and the torches along the beach were really spectacular.
"Wow, we should have a party down by the beach, look at that!" I said,
pointing out the window.
Sara squinted out the heavily tinted glass and looked toward where I was
pointing. "There are probably a thousand kids over there," she said.
"Where?" I said skeptically. "I don't see anyone."
"That wall of torches is the top of a cliff, hon. The beach is about ten
feet below it. If we walked over there, you'd see about a thousand people
partying," said Lisa.
"Oh," I said in a small voice. I didn't say anything the rest of the trip,
which took a long time because we had to keep stopping to let people
drunkenly amble across the street. At one point, we were stopped nearly ten
whole minutes as a parade of college kids swarmed around our car, several
guys peering in to try and see through the windows.
Sara gave a small start as some guy practically fell loudly against her
window, his hands cupped over his eyes, leering into the car.
"We'd get there faster walking," muttered our driver. He pointed up the
street about a block away at a large pink backlit building. "That's the
hotel right there."
"We can walk," I said, looking to the girls in turn. Sara glanced back out
at the surrounding mass of people, her eyebrows raised. She nervously pushed
her eyeglasses back up the bridge of her nose.
"They won't get anything on us, will they?" said Lisa hesitantly,
absentmindedly smoothing a non-existent wrinkle in her low-cut dress.
"About ten gallons of Bacardi probably," Sara said. She sighed in disgust
at the guy nude under 13 against her window, who was for some reason pulling up his
T-shirt and rubbing his nipples bleach episode 165 against the glass.
"We're never going to get out of this traffic jam, guys," said our driver.
He picked up his mobile phone and started to page his shift leader.
"Come on, we'll be fine," I said. "It's just a couple of hundred feet to
the hotel, we don't need to be escorted in there," I said matter-of-factly.
I popped open my door.
"Austin!" yelled Lisa.
"Hey don't open the door!" said the driver, snapping his head back at me.
I rolled my eyes at them and heaved myself out, taking a survey of the
Nothing happened. I don't think any one even noticed, and once they saw a
regular guy like me get out of the darkly tinted Aztek, nobody paid us a
second glance. Lisa followed me out my door, because her door had been
plastered shut by a girl and a guy making out.
Sara tumbled over the middle compartment 12ay7 v2 twin reverb and went out our door, not wanting
to risk a 13 yers old fucking confrontation with the guy that was making a move on her window.
Our driver opened his door with some difficulty, and the girls grabbed their
"What should we do with the car?" said the driver, looking around as if we
would find a parking spot.
"Leave it here," said Sara. She put her hands on her hips. "It doesn't look
like this party is going to end any time soon," she said, but she had to
practically shout for us to hear her over all the porn 13 yo
She was right, it looked like a Mardi Gras party without the beads.
Hundreds of people were milling around, laughing and drinking. Some music
could be heard booming out of several bars along the street, but you could
barely hear it over the loud rumbling of the crowd.
Almost immediately, people swarmed around us, engulfing our little group.
Within seconds, we had lost the driver, who had probably stepped off to go
get a drink himself. He looked like he needed it.
The building we were headed for was twelve stories tall, so it was pretty
easy to tell which way to go, but unfortunately the crowd wouldn't part like
the Red Sea to let us through, so I had to grab Lisa's hand, while she
grabbed Sara's, and push people out of the way.
It was slow going, shoving my way through these groups of people, and I got
felt up about five times as we passed between the groups of partiers. A
constant aroma of alcohol hovered over 3 button polo shirts the street, and it did very little to
help my impatience. I felt even worse for the girls, both of whom were
wearing pretty classy gear. A couple of times, some guys were holding us up,
trying to hold me back while they tried to feel up Sara and Lisa, saying
dumb shit 0v porn like how bout you share man. I shoved this short cocky son of a
bitch about ten feet and he fell over, drunk as fuck, when he slipped in
between the two and grabbed both their asses.
Unfortunately, his buddies all started screaming at me, a couple of them
shoving me around the circle, and I started to get a little intimidated, but
Lisa kicked one in the balls, and the rest of them backed off.
"Let us the fuck through bitch, you do not want to piss my black ass off!"
she screamed, facing the group off in a fighter's stance. They were so
surprised, they let us pass, and Sara and I tried not to laugh. People can
be so stupid when they're drunk.
It was so loud, we couldn't hear ourselves. I don't know how so many people
could have stood the noise, just to hang out and drink. Why weren't they in
the bars? There just wasn't 16 y.o. pic enough room?
It took about twenty five minutes to walk half a block. I almost got in
another fight with some asshole who took five minutes to get me into focus,
but I managed to pull our party to the edges of the hotel property, which
had been blocked off by "high security" chain link fencing and a group of
six or seven Mexican cops.
Breathlessly, we tried to explain to them that we needed to get inside, but
with no ID, no driver, and not knowing much Spanish, we didn't get very far.
"Come on, we have to attend a buffet, we're almost an hour late!" I growled
angrily at the main cop, who, even though he was a good three inches shorter
than me, didn't look the slightest bit intimidated. He knocked me back with
his baton and continued to watch the mayhem ensue around us on the
surrounding street.
I cupped my head in my hands in frustration, then turned to the girls to
see if they had any ideas. Lisa didn't seem too concerned; she was
struggling to put back on her shoes, which she had taken off shortly before
we made our trek through the crowd. One of the straps of her dress had
fallen down her shoulder in the mess, along with her white bra strap.
Tendrils had come loose from her carefully coiffed hair, giving her a very
sexual just-been-fucked look... ...Ok, bad thought.
Sara on the other hand, was trying to call Lance on her cell phone, which
was perched between her ear and her shoulder. She had her lips pinched and
her arms crossed, so I don't think it was going very well. In case you care,
she was wearing some black sleeveless blousey thing with black stripey
pants, and her hair in a bun, which had kind of fallen back to the back of
her head in a mess, the thick blonde locks loosely held in place by a dark
brown clip. She would have looked a lot older, if it weren't for the pink
eyeglasses. Apparently Lance wasn't picking up.
I tried to argue with the security again, but they basically ignored me.
Without some sort of pass or ID bbw 4 u
to show we were with MTV, we weren't getting
in. I tried to call Josh, but he didn't answer either, which was kind of
odd, but I guessed that maybe, since this was the first time I had used my
cell phone since we arrived in Cancun, my long distance plan was messed up.
I didn't obther leaving messages. Josh told me he doesn't answer voice mails
until the next morning.
I started to get frustrated and pissed off. Lisa couldn't reach Nelly or a
couple other Jive people from her phone either, and Sara was in a really
crappy mood because of Lance. Why hadn't we been issued security ID's yet?
Where was our driver? Why wasn't Josh answering his phone?
That was what really caused me the most worry. The fourth time I called
him, I ruled out the long distance plan theory. My phone service usually
directs me to a pre-recorded message if I move out of my calling area, and
so far I had hit Josh's voice mail every time, so it wasn't like the signal
wasn't getting through. Was he just too busy? I was actually half expecting
him to call me to see if I got there ok, him being such a worry wart and
Before I could panic too much, our driver finally caught up to us and
showed them his personnel pass, and ushered us through the chained link
fence. Despite the late arrival, it turned out that all we missed was the buffet.
Nobody was really expecting us, and once we were bit and tagged (i.e.
finally got our visitor's badges, which we were instructed to where at ALL
MTV events), we had rushed down the hotel lobby and reached the buffet room
to find a lot of people just sort of milling around, talking to each other,
all of them dressed extra casual. I shot Lisa a look. She wouldn't meet my
Maybe the presentation had already taken place. 3-d nude incest comics I fervently searched every
face for Josh, even standing on tip toes to try and see over people's heads.
I didn't really recognize anybody, and after I made a full sweep of the room
and came up empty, I considered the possibility that maybe we had come to
the wrong buffet. Maybe we just crashed somebody's bat mitzvah or something.
Sara and Lisa on the other hand, pointed out that everyone had an MTV
(excuse 32g breast me, Viacom) badge on, so we were at the right place, and they led
the way over to the remains of the buffet table, talking between them about
something I didn't really care to pay attention to. I sort of mutely trailed
behind them, as I searched for a familiar face, thinking it best to keep
Who are these people? I wondered. I didn't recognize a single person. I had
watched people move in and out of the Jive studio in LA all week, and I
couldn't see anybody from there. I didn't see any of the backup dancers, or
any of the rehearsal set people either.
After a few minutes, we heard someone clearing their throat over a
microphone, and I looked to the back of the room, which had an empty stage
with a drum set and some spare music stands and amplifiers and microphones,
but no band. The person in the center tapping the mike was a tall, very
skinny guy in a white dress shirt, a greenish gray sweater vest and pleated
chinos, with closely cropped blond hair that accentuated his receding hair
line. He pushed up a pair android 18 hentai
of brown horn rimmed glasses up his long pointed
nose, and clutched a clipboard to his chest.
"Excuse me," he said, in a very annoying nasal voice. "Excuse me, everyone
please gather around the stage at the rear of the room please,"
The mob migrated towards him, moving closer together, some people still
having their own three or four person conversations.
"What I'm about to say is standard corporate procedure, so I'll get through
it quickly so that we can all pig out at the bar," he said. Noone laughed.
Someone coughed.
"Anyway," the man said, after a second. He shuffled pages on his clipboard.
"First I would like to welcome you all to Cancun, for some of you this
might be your first time working with Viacom and its subsidiaries, for
others, this will be a review.
"First off, we'll lay some of the ground rules for you newcomers, and then
we'll detail the itinerary for the next few days. Is the projector working?"
He looked off to the side, and someone pressed a button. A white screen
slowly came down from the ceiling. Oh. My. God. I wanted to die. Here we
were, Can-freaking-cun, and we're going to watch a slideshow? I wasn't alone
in my annoyance, as several people around me groaned into their cocktails.
Sweatervest continued talking for a long time, his moronic voice lulling
almost everyone to sleep. It was all corporate stuff like code-talk for
people on walkies, different emergency procedures, and clearance protocols,
you know, for like getting into and out of the MTV hotspots. Then came the
"Due to a ubiquitous vote by the RIAA, something has to be said about
personal interactions with 4megaupload indian sex recording talent. We are all well aware of the
incident with the security breach and Ms. Nelly Furtado last year, and to
avoid similar incidents that may incur legal ramifications, liaisons with
non-corporate personnel will be kept at a minimum. That includes all
assistants, chauffeurs, security, and similar servicemen and women.
"As a further indication of this new corporate policy, tonight's hosted
after party has been restricted to all H- and R-level employees, and after
the presentation, you'll all need to kindly leave the premises."
Groans and murmured disgust followed this news. I, on the other hand, was
"What's that supposed to mean?" I said to the girls, gesturing to the guy,
who was starting to go through a new slide show illustrating the list of
performances going on camera tomorrow.
"It means we're not going to be able to see our boyfriends tonight," sighed
Sara, taking a sip from her champagne.
"What!?" I exploded. "The whole reason I came to this damn thing was so
that I could actually spend some time with Josh!" I said angrily.
Lisa lightly touched my shoulder. "Don't feel too bad, baby. I heard this
same speech last year."
Sara snorted in disgust. "If I had known that I would be spending the
evening fighting off perverted, inebriated frat boys only to be told that I
couldn't spend the 13 peeing sex
evening with my boyfriend, I would have just stayed back
at my hotel with a pint of Haagan Daaz and My Best Friend's Wedding."
"I hear that, girl!" grinned Lisa, and they slapped five.
"I'm not giving up so easy," I declared, pulling out my cell.
"What are you gonna do, 00-dumb ass? Zap em with your cellphone gun?" said
"Nope. I'm going to call Josh. There must be some mistake, we're not their
assistants or anything. It shouldn't apply to us. Maybe they forgot to tell
us something." The dial tone rang.
Sara crossed her arms over her chest, but said nothing. Lisa kept her hand
on my shoulder as we waited for Josh to pick up.
On the third ring, a low, breathy, non-Josh voice answered. "Hello?"
"Hello?" I said, wondering who the hell would be answering Josh's phone.
"Is Josh there?"
The person didn't answer, and I heard a muffled noise as whoever it was
passed the phone over, then finally josh said "hello?"
"Hey," I said, instantly calmed at the sound of his sexy, low voice. "So
they said the buffet was cancelled or something?"
"Oh yeah, didn't someone tell you?" he said.
"No," I said quietly.
"Well yeah, they decided not to have it at the last minute, some legal
issue or something. Are you still at the hotel?" I could hear loud music
coming from the background, Josh had to half shout to hear himself.
"No, we're here at the other hotel, the one where we were supposed to meet
you?" I said.
"What?" Josh said loudly.
"I said, no, we're at the hotel you told us to meet you at," I said a
little louder.
"You are? I... ...hold on, ok?" Josh put me on hold for a minute. After a
couple minutes of silence, he came back. "Can I call you right back?"
"Yeah sure," I said dully.
"K, love you. Bye," Josh said quickly, then I heard a dull click followed
the hum of the dial tone.
I slowly lowered the phone and flipped it shut, still stunned.
"Well?" Sara prompted. "What did he say?"
"He said he'd call me right back," I said quietly.
Lisa and Sara exchanged knowing glances over my head.
"Seņores, please to be exiting porn girls 14
por alla, por favor." A waiter was ushering
us out of the dining hall, which was slowly emptying now that the
presentation was over. We made our way out the archway the man was pointing
us towards and walked along the hall into the hotel lobby, all of us silent
and depressed. I was still clutching my phone.
Our driver miraculously found us within a few minutes. "Did you hear this
bullshit?" he complained. "How the hell am I supposed to chauffeur these
fucking brats around if I'm not allowed to get near them? Dumb asses, who
thought up this crap? I'm going to write back to my dispatcher, I ain't no
god damn rent a cop, I got a fucking business to run!" he continued to rant
all the way out to the street, which was still packed to the brim with
drunken college spring breakers, most of whom seemed to have shed clothing
since we were last out here.
Our driver had managed to park the car on a side street, away from the
block party, and nothing extraordinary happened on our way to find the car.
I didn't really pay much attention to my surroundings, I was still too
stunned at the brush off I got from Josh and I was depressed that I wouldn't
be spending the evening with him. My plans for the evening ruined, I had no
interest in making fun of unsupervised frat boys and sorority chicks.
Once we climbed into the car, our driver seemed to have substituted his
anger for enthusiasm, as he said cheerfully, "Well, where to now, kids?
Sorry they cancelled the party, but MTV is run by a bunch of dickless
morons. I've been driving with them for five damn years, and not one trip
has gone by where I haven't gotten a call two minutes before we take off to
change some minor detail." He turned his head to look over his shoulder as
he backed the car out of its spot, then twiddled the wheel around to get
into traffic. "Like we all just sit around without a fucking life of our
own, waiting to lick these celebrities boots. I tell ya, another eight
months, I'll have enough to buy my own limo, and I'll start my own business,
fuck this shit."
"He might still call us right back," I said, looking hopefully to Sara, who
was still sitting in the front seat. She shook her head smugly.
"Welcome to the First Wives' Club, Austin. And trust me, he won't call
I glared at her. "First Wives' Club?"
She grinned. "That's right, the first wives' club. It's what we call
ourselves when we start to feel free4 pron
like we're being ignored."
"I'm not being ignored," I insisted. "He said he'll call me right back."
"They always say that," Sara said. "But don't worry, you'll get used to
this. The long nights staying up while he's at some private wrap party."
"The parties you can't get into," chimed in Lisa.
"The phone calls never made. You'll get used to it all of it."
"You don't know that," I said angrily. Sara was really pissing me off
tonight. What did she know? So Lance never called her. Maybe it was because
she was always acting like such a bitch.
"He just forgot to tell me, it's not that he was too busy."
Lisa giggled. "Isn't it cute? He doesn't even realize," she said.
Now I had had 13yo pussy
it. "Look you guys, maybe you think you know everything, but
Josh is different ok? Something came up, he said he'd call right back."
"Oh we're not saying it's his fault, most likely they conned them all into
extra rehearsals when they 'cancelled' the buffet," said Sara.
"It didn't sound like they were at rehearsal," I said before I could stop
"What do you mean?" said Lisa.
"He sounded like he was at a party, I...I could hear music and stuff," I
said. Silence.
Our driver broke the silence. "Well kids, if you ask my opinion, screw
those Hollywood diva in 5th element
rejects. They don't want to invite you to their 14yo panties
party, I say
you make your own party."
I wasn't really in the partying mood, but I felt it too impolite to tell
the driver to shut the fuck up. He was still riled about the new MTV
corporate policy. Within a few minutes, though, I realized he was taking us
back to our hotel, which was probably just as well. I was pissed off at
everyone in the car, I wasn't with Josh, and I looked like some desperate
lovesick dork clutching my phone in anticipation. Nothing seemed to be going
my way tonight.
The car pulled up to the curb of my hotel, where a valet offered to park
it, but the driver waved the man away. "Last stop guys. I'm being paid until
midnight, so if you need me to take you somewhere else, let me know now."
"Last chance for a girl's night in, Austin," said Lisa.
"Ooh, we can order room service and gossip and watch HBO..." Sara chimed
"For Christ sakes, I'm not a fucking girl, all right!" I interrupted
angrily. I got out of the car and slammed the door shut. Lisa and Sara
immediately got out after me.
"We didn't say..." Lisa started to say.
"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I want to sit around all fucking day and
paint my toenails and talk about Cosmo!" I interrupted.
They both looked at me, agape.
"I'm not in some fucking First Wives' Club. He said he'd call, he'll call."
I leaned against the back of the car and stared at the phone, willing it to
Lisa just stayed quiet, but Sara turned nasty, her hands on her hips.
"Excuuuuse me, don't get your panties all in a bunch, jack ass. I didn't
call you a girl or think that you were just because you are gay. I'm not an
idiot, I was just trying to make you feel better because this is what
happens when you start going out with a musician. At first it's all lovey
dovey, then they start breaking dates and stuff. Their careers will always
be number one, and if you sit around staring at that phone all night, you're
going to go crazy and get all upset over nothing. Now just calm the fuck
down and let's just call it a night, ok?"
"Sounds like someone's being just a little bit sensitive about the gay
issue, huh?" said Lisa, crossing her arms over her chest. "We were just
trying to help you out."
"I'm not being sensitive. I just don't want to be treated like a chick," I
said irritably.
"Nobody's treating you like anything. If you want, you can go ahead and
smash beer cans on your forehead with those other morons at the Plaza, for
all we care," said Sara.
Feeling like an ass, I put the phone away. I guess I was being a little
oversensitive. "Fine, I'm sorry. This just wasn't the spring break I had
planned on."
"It never is." Sara sighed. She rubbed the bridge of her nose in
"Hey, how under 15 boys nude
bout we all just go get a drink in the lobby, huh? God knows I
could use one," said Lisa, desperate to change the subject.
"Sure," I said. I felt like I wanted to drink the whole bar suddenly. So we
started walking towards the hotel, me feeling even more like an ass for
going all hyper sensitive, when I heard my phone ringing.
My face broke into a grin. "Ha!" I said, my hand diving for my pocket.
The girls looked on in disbelief. "I don't believe it..." Lisa muttered.
"Hello?" I said eagerly.
"Hey sexy," Josh purred at me. My grin was ear to ear as I transferred the
phone to my other ear.
"If it were Lance, I wouldn't get a call back until tomorrow afternoon,"
Sara complained

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